10 Major Keys To Remember When You’re Off-Track And All Alone

10 major keys to remember when you're off-track and all alone.

Nothing is easy in this world. You’re going to face a lot of challenges in life and sometimes it can bother you not just physically but mentally as well. You are constantly reminded to stay positive and accept whatever life throws at you. However, sometimes positivity seems like an impossible destination that you want to reach. Below are the 10 major keys to remember when you’re off-track and all alone.

10 major keys to remember when you're off-track and all alone.

The problem is not you

Nobody is perfect in this world. Eventually, you will make mistakes and it’s okay. Always remind yourself that every single human being has experienced this. The wrong and bad decisions that you made is meant to teach you a lesson, not to define who you truly are. No matter how high you reach, there will be a time that you’re going to stumble and fall. And you aren’t the problem so stop convincing yourself that you are.

Have a “me” time

People are so scared of being alone nowadays. You thought that being all alone is a negative thing to do. But actually, it’s the opposite. When you are overwhelmed with the negative energy surrounding you, you must have some time for yourself to relax every single cell in your body. Take a deep breath and loosen up a bit. You are a human being. Even robots need to be charged once they are out of their battery.

With every sunset, there is sunrise

Life never stops. It may seem like life is slamming its door on your face, but it’s actually a sign for you to move on. If you are not forced by the circumstances, you’d probably still stuck and not moving at all. Hence, remember with every ending, there will be a new beginning waiting for you.

10 major keys to remember when you're off-track and all alone.

Stay you and stay true

One of the biggest things you thought to be afraid of is accomplishing nothing in your life. You’d probably reached the highest point in your life, and don’t know what to do afterward. If it’s going to be slow and static, remind yourself that it’s okay. Life is a roller-coaster ride. Stay the same and accept your place even when the ride is dull. Take whatever you have and live your life happily.

You are not alone

When you are at your lowest point, you tend to think that you are alone and no one else has felt the same way as you do. That is the biggest lie that you tell yourself because everyone will meet their weakest point eventually. Instead of isolating yourself, extend your hand and get the help you need.

It’s okay not to be okay

When you feel overwhelmed with your own feelings, you tend to shut it away. Emotions are not your enemy, it’s your mindset that is imprecise and giving you a false alarm. You can’t simply stop it completely and hope for the better. You must embrace your pain then only you can get over it.

10 major keys to remember when you're off-track and all alone.

Welcome it with open arms

To move on is to accept the tears, the pain, and the sadness. Accepting our feelings is part of existing.  When you start to accept those feelings, it wouldn’t be too scary to undergo it again. You will eventually attain full power again to control your mind and live the life you want.

Mental catastrophe

Learn to say okay to mental catastrophe. Everyone experiences emotional breakdowns. Your emotions and feelings will crash you down like a hurricane and everything around you will collide because of your grief. When you see the mess you have made after the recovery, you would be ashamed and detach yourself further away from others. By doing this, you are not helping but destroying yourself even more. Don’t cut yourself from other people, because breakdowns are normal.


Social media is not the reality

Social media is a place for humankind to share their life. Following others on social media is normal, but to compare one’s life with yours is not okay. To be inspired and to copy someone’s life is a totally different agenda. You shouldn’t try hard to be like others. Their life might look perfect because they only show you their highlights, not their low-lights. Hence, don’t believe what you see and thought that that’s real.



After a heavy rain, the sun will come out again, and probably the rainbow too. Remember, if you’re feeling sad today, doesn’t mean that you’re going to be sad for the rest of your life. As bad as your day be, the future is a new beginning for you. Every single day is a new chapter, so don’t carry the same story as the previous one. Make changes and start your new life with a new energy.