10 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Live Life To The Fullest

10 Questions To Ask Yourself If You Want To Live Life To The Fullest

Do you feel like you’re floating through life or looking at yourself from the outside? If you want to wake up from your deep slumber, you need to start taking action. Here are 10 questions to ask yourself if you want to live life to the fullest:


What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

Imagine your life without fear. What do you see yourself doing? We often let self-doubt and fear of failure create a barrier between us and our dreams. We give up hope too quickly. Sometimes, we’re even too afraid to take that very first step. Don’t let fear stop you from going after what you really want in life. No matter how small you start, do something that truly matters to you.

If not now, when?

We tend to have this habit of putting things on hold. We would always convince ourselves that we still have plenty of time to tick off the things on the bucket list but the truth is, life really is short. Time is precious. We can’t rewind and go back. All we have is right now so make the most of it and live in the present.

When was the last time you did something worth remembering?

Do you remember the last time you did something that made you feel alive, empowered, or liberated? We sometimes get so engrossed in daily life that we forget to live. We let work and obligations stand in the way because we think it’s what people normally do.


Material possessions or experiences?

We always want more. The latest gadgets. Branded clothes and accessories. Expensive cars. Some people want what others have to fit in. Some need to appear successful just to feel better about themselves. But why chase material things to impress others? Will you still love your new smartphone in a couple of years?

What do you want to remember 10 years from now?

Is it how much time you spent on the work you hate? Or all the wonderful memories you created? We always have a choice. Don’t let society determine the course of your life. Don’t let fear stop you from making things happen.

Are you proud of what you’re doing now or are you settling?

Do you look forward to waking up every morning or do you drag yourself out of bed? We all have bad days sometimes, but if we feel unhappy most of the time, then something is definitely not right. It’s not too late to go after what really makes you happy or do something that you can be proud of.


Are you doing what you love or what others expect you to do?

Some of us need approval and validation before making big decisions. Unfortunately, this will only take us further away from our true desires. Sometimes, you really need to follow your own gut and believe in yourself to fulfill your dreams. Trust your own journey and don’t be afraid to make mistakes along the way.

What have you always wanted to do since you were a child?

When we get so caught up in life, we tend to forget our childhood dreams and settle for something completely different. Maybe you have always wanted to live abroad, become a chef, or teach but think it’s too late. Just remember that it’s better late than never!

What is the one thing you love most in life?

Is it writing, sculpting, baking, or travelling? Whatever your true passion is, don’t sacrifice what you love because you think it’s the right thing to do or it will not get you anywhere. Most successful people love what they do and they aren’t afraid to go after what they believe in.


What would you do if no one would judge you?

Do you sing at the top of your lungs or dance when no one is around? Try the same approach in life. What would you do when nobody is looking or criticising your decisions? Stop worrying about what people might think or say. This is your life and you are in charge!