10 Types of Negative Friends You Should Avoid

10 types of negative friends you should avoid

Most of us would do almost anything to keep a friendship but we need to be careful with who we trust because not everyone deserves our time, effort, and kindness. Here are 10 types of negative friends you should avoid:


1) They are self-absorbed

They don’t value your time and only get in touch with you or reply your messages when it’s convenient for them. They expect you to make them your priority but in return you are not being treated likewise.

2) They discredit your goals and dreams

They either discourage you or belittle your ambitions. No one knows you better than yourself and you should know what you are capable of achieving. Pay no attention to what they think and prove them wrong.

3) They lie to you all the time

It doesn’t matter if they are just white lies. A lie is a lie and you shouldn’t tolerate people who are incapable of telling you the truth. Chronic liars will never change their ways and you deserve respect. It’s better to lose a toxic friendship or cut off from fake people than have them manipulate you over and over again.

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Don't fear the enemy that attacks you, but the fake friends that hugs you.

4) They always play the victim

They tend to blame others for their own mistakes or shortcomings. They often tell you all sorts of stories just to make you feel sorry for them. Nothing is ever their fault and they are always the victim in every scenario.

5) They make excuses for everything

They refuse to take responsibility for their actions. They’re too busy to be there for you when you need them. They promise you all sorts of things and then come up with excuses when they can’t keep their word.

6) They intentionally ignore you

They are nice and sweet when no one else is around but ignore you when you’re out with a group of friends. They don’t reply your texts or return your calls even if it’s urgent. It usually takes them a few days to get back to you and they always say they’re busy.

In life we never lose friends, we only learn who the true ones are.

7) They use you constantly

You’re always there when they need help or a shoulder to cry on but they are only nice to you when they need something. They take advantage of your kindness and never give you anything in return. All they do is take.

8) They are jealous of you

They envy you and tend to put you down or rain on your parade. Instead of being happy for you when you achieve something great, they make it a point to be indifferent towards your success. They may even talk bad about your partner just to make you feel bad.

9) They try to change you

They don’t accept you for who you are and sometimes seem embarrassed to be around you. They tell you that you should change your appearance, get a better job, or be more outgoing. They think they are better than you and try to change who you are.

10) They judge you by your past

Everyone makes mistakes in life but they refuse to let go of your past. They think less of you and lose their respect for you because of the things you revealed. They look down on you even if you’re a completely different person now.