10 Uncomfortable Things To Do If You Don’t Want To Regret Your Life

10 uncomfortable things to do if you don't want to regret your life

Life is a place for you to find your passion and explore yourself. It’s a place for you to make mistakes and learn from it. However, when the term ‘perfection’ exists, people start to be more cautious and timid. You want to do what the society thinks best for your future. In the end, neglecting doing what your heart desires. Don’t let this happen to yourself. Below are 10 uncomfortable things to do if you don’t want to regret your life.


  1. Don’t keep all your thoughts in your mind. If you find something bothering you, speak it out loud. You’ll never know how big the impact of your idea if you keep it to yourself.
  2. Know your priorities. Have the courage to hold to the things that are important to you. Whatever it is, don’t mind about what others think of it. It is your life, not theirs.
  3. Keep on asking yourself if you are who you wanted to be when you grew up. If not, keep working on it. Keep in mind to not compare your journey in life with other people. Your pace is different from others.  10-uncomfortable-things-to-do-if-you-don't-want-to-regret-your-life-2
  4. Declutter your life and let go of the things that don’t matter anymore. During your young adult phase, everything seems important to you.
  5. Be sure to live your life and be present. Don’t just keep your social media organize but have a messy life.
  6. You can talk about anything that you want such as hobbies, food, or even politics. But never talk about other people and your judgments towards them. 10-uncomfortable-things-to-do-if-you-don't-want-to-regret-your-life-3
  7. Train yourself to be a kind and emphatic person. You will gain a lot of joy and satisfaction in your life. If you’re mean and evil to others, nobody will care about your opinion.
  8. Make reading as your habit. It’s better to read an actual book rather than digital ones. Read something that interests you and gives more knowledge to you.
  9. Be financially stable. No matter how much your salary is, what’s important is how you save it. Have a budget and spend your money on the right path.
  10. Think before you act. Life is all about choices. Don’t rush yourself when it comes to making a decision. Always think about the consequences now, rather than facing it later.