10 Ways To Start Loving Yourself And Be Happy

10 Ways To Start Loving Yourself And Be Happy

You may often hear people say you should love yourself first, but how do you actually do it? Self-love is not as complicated as it sounds. It’s about accepting yourself for who you are, making yourself a priority, and knowing your worth. Once you love yourself, you will feel happier and you’ll self-sabotage less. You will not let yourself be bullied by others either. In fact, your entire world will seem like a brighter place. Here are 10 ways to start loving yourself and be happy:


Let go of your negative beliefs

Stop believing that you’re not good enough or not confident enough. Practice positive affirmations and learn to like yourself. Always remember that you are more than enough, no matter what.

Focus on your positive attributes

Don’t ignore the good things about yourself. Maybe you’re creative, kind-hearted, or hardworking. Acknowledge your positive attributes and give yourself some credit.

Say no to perfectionism

Nobody is perfect and that means it’s okay to have flaws. Embrace your dark side. Accept yourself for who you are and stop being too hard on yourself.


Get rid of guilt

Forgive yourself for the mistakes you have made. Give yourself time. Stop carrying your guilt with you and let go of the burden that’s holding you back.

Do the things that make you happy

This really works. Put yourself first once in a while and do what makes you smile or come alive. It could be something as simple as listening to your favourite songs.

Celebrate and reward yourself

Treat yourself to a nice meal or pamper yourself with a massage when you accomplish something. You can even enjoy a hot bubble bath after finishing your chores.


Make some time for yourself

Go for a walk or a swim. Read a book. Go to the hairdresser for a wash and blow. You need some ‘me’ time every now and then to recharge.

Stop depending on others for validation

You don’t need validation or approval from others. Take charge of your life and make your own decisions. Do what is best for you and stop caring about what people think.

Remind yourself that you’re worth it

No matter how imperfect you are, believe with all your heart that you’re worth it (because you are). Forget about what others might think, the only thing that matters is what you believe.


Set boundaries

Stay away from those who often take advantage of you. Get rid of toxic people or at least limit the interactions with them. You will feel a lot better once you set yourself free from negativity.

“Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world.” – Lucille Ball