11 obscure signs of wicked people you must know

There are about more than 7 billion people in this world. Each and every one has different perspectives, performances, and attitudes. And don’t be surprised if you met someone who seems like they have been ruled by the Devil. Humans can be wicked, so much more than you can ever imagine. They can trick you into believing them just by switching their characters. And sometimes it may take you years to realize how evil they are. They are expert manipulators and they will take every opportunity to get what they want. To save yourself from this dangerous creature, below are 11 obscure signs of wicked people you must know.


Love watching when others in pain

If you find someone laughing, smiling or even smirking at the idea or sight of someone suffering, that means trouble. You may think that karma is a joke, but when someone is delighted with someone else’s pain, they might be wicked. No one should gain pleasure by watching others hurt.

The need to dominate everything

Wicked people will do everything they can to make sure they get their way with things. They will throw their opinion and action in a situation to assure it goes the way they plan. You may see them as control freaks at first, but if you look closely, they are the type of people who get whatever they want and will do anything to get it.

A consistent liar

Too many lies? Not for wicked people though. Their lies are their masks so you can’t see the real them. Plus, who wants to say it out loud that they are wicked? Since the title is not to be proud of, they will cover their true selves as much as possible.


 An eerie aura

Feeling empty and exhausted is the aftermath of being around wicked people. You get an eerie aura when they surround you, and it just seems not right with them. You might don’t think much about it, but please don’t ignore your instincts. They’re usually right.

Crazy manipulators

Other than lying, they love to manipulate people and situations so it will go their way. They can even cry to take all the attention away from you toward them. They make sure to create a drama if things aren’t going well and guilt people into doing things for them. It’s scary to see how wicked people can change things in their favor.

No feelings of guilt

Evil people will show no feelings of guilt after hurting someone whether by accident or on purpose. So open your eyes widely and be more careful of people that lead with no emotions. They are not the type of best friend you want in your life.


Mean to others

There is no excuse for you to be mean or cruel to others and it’s not fair to do so. Everyone is trying to pass through all the hardships in life. However, wicked people have a great time in hurting others. So, if you keep on getting stabbed at your back, chances are they are not your real friends.


It appears that taking responsibility for their actions is not in their dictionary. Since they can manipulate any situations, why would they admit their wrongdoings?

Have a reputation

If you heard about someone even before meeting them face-to-face, chances are what you heard is true. If you get negative feelings that move along with the reputation, it probably best to step aside because there is something wrong with them.

They only appear when they need something

What can be worse than having back-stabbing friends?

A friend that only appear when they need something.

Don’t be surprised if you get fooled by their acting skills. They will do anything to get you to do the things they want you to do. So be careful and don’t be their personal puppet.