11 Terrible Body Language Habits We Must Quit Doing (And You’ll Be Glad That You Did)

11 Terrible Body Language Habits We Must Quit Doing

What makes us different from other creatures on this planet is our ability to communicate and express emotions. Despite doing it since we were little, there will be a point in time that we are not very good at it. Sometimes what we say is different from what we are doing. When our body language is telling a different meaning from our words, we will miscommunicate. So to avoid any confusion and to improve our communication skills, we need to know this 11 terrible body language habits we must quit doing (and you’ll be glad that you did).


Stop squirming

Many of us start squirming when we are nervous and anxious. This because we want to release the energy in our body. But don’t let our passive movements distract others from listening to our words. To avoid this, try to release those energies by writing a journal or exercising.

Don’t play with your hair

Another body language that we tend to do, especially women, is playing with our hair. Men probably will start stroking their beards or rub their necks when they are nervous. Playing with our hair will make us look childish and unprofessional. So stop doing it.

Crossing arms

It’s a no-no to cross our arms while speaking with others. This action means that we are closing ourselves off to other people. It will also take us on a defensive body position, which means we are turning ourselves, our ideas away from others.


Don’t play with your hands

Without noticing, we tend to pick our fingernails when we are uneasy or nervous. To avoid looking like a nervous wreck, we can work on putting our hands on our lap, or keep them busy by writing notes so other individuals wouldn’t get distracted.

Stop dragging your feet

Not only we’re going to create an annoying noise when we drag our feet, but also it will make us look like a slacker who doesn’t care about our surroundings. Hence, we must walk properly by picking our feet up and putting them down firmly.


Some of us have this habit of not smiling at people. They are not angry or upset, but with that kind of face, others might perceive otherwise. So, if we don’t want to look cranky or miserable, don’t forget to put a smile on our face.


Don’t be distracted

With technology surrounding us, it’s hard to focus when someone is talking to us. So put our phones down and close our laptops. Don’t worry about social media or any other things. Just focus on what others want to say to us, not our devices.

Don’t slouch

If we are constantly slouching on our chair, people won’t take us seriously and probably think that we are lazy. Therefore, sit up straight so others will take us seriously and it would help us to feel much better.

Eye Contact

If we don’t want to look distracted and unfocused, make sure to establish eye contact with others. By doing so, we are acknowledging people’s existence. Hence, be a decent human being and respect other individuals.


Don’t be a doll

If we make too many movements, it can distract others and stop us from completing our work. But sitting still, like a doll, can also stop us from accomplishing our goals. Move our body and keep the blood flowing so that we can focus and improve our creativity.

Stick to what you’ve said

To be a good communicator, we must start saying what we mean and doing what we’ve said. If we are saying yes but shaking our head no, people might get the wrong message and miscommunication can occur. Correlate your words and action together for better communication skills.