11 Things That You Shouldn’t Apologize For

11 things that you shouldn't apologize for

It’s good to be honest and admit your mistakes. But if you keep apologizing for every single thing, that is not healthy or refreshing. It could reach a point where you’re apologizing not for doing something wrong, but because you are forced to do so. As good as it can be to apologize, it is also vital to maintain your self-respect, and know when to stop. Never let anyone bully you into apologizing for every single thing. Here are 11 things that you shouldn’t apologize for.



Everyone deserves closure. It could be a closer for your long yet stormy relationship or closure after losing a job. Whatever it is, you have the right to closure when all is said and done.


Whenever you ended a bad relationship, someone would proudly say “I told you he/she wasn’t good for you.” And you might respond with “I know, I’m sorry, I was dumb.” But the truth is, you don’t have to apologize at all.


A lot of people think they have the right to judge someone based on the way they spend their money. But it’s just money, your money. You work for it. You have the right whether you want to spend it or save it.

Staying in

Most of the time, you have to go out because all of your friends did. Even if you are tired and feeling like a zombie, you still feel obligated to go with them or maybe apologize for not joining. However, it’s not your job to please people. So, if you can’t join them, it’s not your fault.


Love and heartbreak

Some human beings love shaming people who are talking about love, obsessing over it or even when they go through the worst emotion which is heartbreak. Love and heartbreaks are a part of life. So never apologize for your feelings.


Not everyone would treat you with kindness and goodness. Despite how kindhearted you may be, you should always know your limit. Once they cross the line, just cut them out of your life. Does that make you the bad guy? No, and there are no reasons for you to apologize for it.


All of us must deal with vulnerability. Ignoring it by building walls around the truth will only make the situation worse. It can harm your mental and emotional growth. So, if you need to break down, go ahead. Cry and let all the emotions out.


When other people treated you unkindly, they always thought that you will still treat them with kindness and respect. And if you don’t, they make you apologize for your actions. The way you respond is your protection for yourself. If it protects you from the hate and pain, keep it up.


Follow your heart

YOLO. You only live once. You are the author of your story. Whatever choices that you made must come from you, not others. Hence, it’s best if you follow your dreams and your heart.


Whenever you are going through a painful journey, your normal reaction would be to walk away from it or break down and close yourself from the world. Some people will tell you to apologize for your weakness. Hence, protect yourself from those toxic people and let yourself grow from it.


Never apologize for being honest. Many people are forced to apologize for being honest with their thoughts and feelings. The truth is, you shouldn’t. Be true to yourself.