14 Brutal Truth About Blogging And Making Money Online No One Wants To Admit


You’ve probably read my post on how I make money online blogging and chances are that you are already have some inkling of the financial and time freedom that comes from blogging. I totally get it.

In fact, 2 years ago, I felt the same way too. I started out no differently than most of you before starting Great Big Minds and got into blogging.

Just like everybody else, I wasn’t into the overworked 9 to 5, living paycheck by paycheck kind of life. I wasn’t going to settle for less but other than being pretty upbeat, motivated and determined, I WAS JUST AN AVERAGE-JOE.

There is practically nothing inherently special about my background and having absolutely no knowledge whatsoever when it comes to making money online.

I learnt it the hard way, through trying times and countless nights of reading, learning and watching what others are doing. Sorting out the bullshits from the ones that actually worked, it wasn’t long ago then that I reaped results, make money online from home and finally able to be referred to as a full-time blogger.

Apart from the 14 brutal truths about blogging and making money online no one wants to admit below, truth is…

Anyone can make a blog succeed as long as they are committed to their goals.

You don’t need to be born-gifted, you don’t need certificates, skills or talent for that. All you’ll need are ‘balls of steels’ and the determination to do what others are not willing in order to achieve extraordinary results others do not have.

Before I get to the hard truths, let’s first talk about what a blog IS for those of you who may be hearing this for the first time.

What is a blog?

In short, a blog is simply a website that is made mainly out of articles or content within a specific subject or subjects.

Take for example, at Greatbigminds.com, I have over 100 articles when it comes to personal and professional development content. My field of subject ranges from personal growth, health, finance, money-making ideas, productivity, fitness and so much more.

It is something that I choose to write about because I enjoy motivating, inspiring and empowering others.

How do I make money online?

Most of my online income derives from 2 of my highly engaged platforms which are my blog at Greatbigminds.com and Facebook page (over 1.2 million likes and following).

In this part of the article itself, I’ll be focusing mostly on my blog.

Through various combination of monetization methods, you can make over $10,000 per month or more regardless to what type of blog topics you enjoy writing about.

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14 BRUTAL TRUTHS about blogging!

Given the perks of becoming a full-time blogger, I get to work from home, have flexible schedules which allows me to travel to places and most importantly, be able to spend more quality time closer with loved ones.

I love my ‘job’ and this is one of the most rewarding decision I’ve ever made.

But what you don’t know and what others are not telling you is that blogging and making money online has its drawbacks.


Yes, you heard me right. The hard truth may be difficult to swallow but making money online blogging is not entirely rainbow and butterflies.

Here are 14 BITTER TRUTHS about being a full-time blogger that no one seems to talk about.

1. You don’t really go on holidays (really, you don’t).

Regardless on what blogging niche you’re in, bloggers don’t exactly take real holidays. Partly because bloggers get to work anywhere at anytime of the day, we never really quite ‘switch off’.

In fact, holidays for me provide the best time to churn out great blog contents. It makes the best time too to really work on responding emails, comments and engaging with others.

2. Pressure is real… really real.

Think about it. When you are now the sole provider, personally responsible for a blog and accountable to an audience and followers, there’s a lot of pressure you literally will be in.

You are factually the person to make the call, draw decisions and give mandates when choices are required. Whatever happens, both good and bad is yours to hold answerable for and this is definitely a heavy load to shoulder on.

3. You don’t just write blog posts.

No, and in fact, most of my time is spent on video calls, meetings, pitching, brainstorming, analyzing, promoting, reading, studying, learning and doing everything else besides writing blog posts.

Of course, it’s necessary to create blog content but most of the time, the real task happens ‘outside’.

4. You need to read a lot.

When I first started, I read and connected to a lot of other bloggers and social media managers. In fact, it is still something I do because it keeps me in check of current topics and can be a huge source of inspiration.

I DON’T just focus on reading topics that are relatively similar with mine. In fact, I read almost anything from internet marketing, SEO, design, fashions, entrepreneurship, food, recipes and a whole lot more.

It expands your view and increases your own perspective to what’s possible – all part of the creative process.

5. Best job ever but…

…but it’s no where near perfect. But of course, if you enjoy what you do, every morning is like the best day ever.

Being a full-time blogger is not all amazing and fun. It’s exhausting and it takes patience for results. Each outcome is different for everyone so there’s no certain guarantee you can achieve the same results. However, one thing’s for sure…

You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

6. Others won’t quite understand. Some won’t even have a clue.

Making money online and what more from blogging is such a new industry. I’ve been asked a lot, far so many times as to how I earned a living and what was it that I do all day.

 There are some who can be interested and there are those who thinks it’s all bluff and ends up making discouraging remarks.

7. Working alone can be a quiet (boring) experience.

You’ll spend most of your day alone managing and working on your blog. If you enjoy having a team, unfortunately blogging is something you’ll ultimately be working alone on at the end of the day.

8. Blogging is very competitive…and ugly at times.

Like all businesses, blogging is a competitive market in itself and having said that, has its dark sides to. The thing I’ve learnt is never to be involved. Just do your thing and don’t let it influence your work.

9. You must have a lot of patience… and I really mean a LOT!

Everything takes longer than you think, when it comes to planning, organizing, writing, editing and getting results. It’s not something that’ll bound to happen overnight and surely, you’ll have to continuously put in the work even before you experience any sign of results. Here’s where most of the bloggers quit way too early even before anything happens.

10. You’ll have to spend before you make.

Yes, that’s true. You cannot expect to do things free and make money online. Well, technically you can but you won’t be making as much as if you’ll be willing to spend a little up front in order to set your stage and fundamentals right before the long haul.

Take for example, the most crucial of all is to get your own self-hosted blog as compared to a free version.

With a self-hosted blog, you are being looked as a more serious blogger and that builds credibility in the eyes of your readers, brands and companies. You get hosting and a free domain name at only $3.95 per month with Bluehost (using our affiliate link).

There are many free blogging platforms out there but you’ll have no control over the content, it’ll look unprofessional and you’ll be limited to how you can monetize your blog.

11. You’ll need to learn the technical and analytical aspects.

In order to build a successful blog, it’s equally essential for you to learn and understand particular technical and analytical aspects to what makes a great blog. You’ll be spending hours working on blog design, reading and analyzing statistics, implementing SEO and finding ways to drive traffics to it. All these are important and part and parcel to creating a profitable blog.

12. Your income will fluctuate.

Here’s the thing when it comes to making money online. Your income will diverse and every month can differ; at times in a very large way. It can be daunting and you may lose your sense of financial security especially if you’ll have monthly commitments to adhere with.

13. There are no shortcuts.

In my years of blogging and making money online, I’ve always believe in getting things right and not being drawn to taking shortcuts. Sure, it’ll be difficult and you may feel like quitting at first but once you noticed results, even the slightest bit of it, you’ll have the confidence to continue moving forward.

Taking shortcuts are jeopardizing to your blog in the long run and that could severely affect its performance and credibility.

14. Content will always be king.

When you have something others love reading on, you’re bound to be recognized in due days to come. Its easy being caught up with social media following, the next best traffic craze or the design of your blog. However at the end of the day, great quality content is all that matters.

But… in the end,

You get to impact and change lives…for the better.

When I started Great Big Minds, I have no idea what it would become and did not think much about it. But as it grew, I was constantly getting emails and Facebook messages from people from all parts of the world.

I get positive feedback and stories from people, sharing with me their personal journey and struggle and how they have overcome with the help of some of our stories and lessons. 

While many has hope to start a blog to make money online, the purpose of Great Big Minds has always been to inspire and empower others.

THIS, as I believe, is the true measure of success to being a blogger.

I get it! How can I become a blogger and get paid?

If you’re ready for an exciting and limitless life as a blogger, this is my STEP-BY-STEP PROCESS of how to get started right away!  Start your own successful blog today.