15 Easy-Peasy Ways To Simplify Your Life

15 Easy-Peasy Ways To Simplify Your Life

In this era of technology and innovation, you might think that you’re going to live your life easier since everything is advanced. But, as you’re looking at your life right now, you’re still struggling to manage your time and energy in your lives. To help you to organize your life, below are 15 easy-peasy ways to simplify your life.


Have goals

By having goals for yourself, you can refocus your energy and start getting your priorities done. You can begin this by setting up weekly, monthly and yearly goals. Then, observe how each piece of your life moves forward.

Drink water regularly

You have heard how drinking enough water is crucial for your body. It will clean out all of those toxins out of your body and make you feel energized. Whenever you’re feeling lifeless and want to call it a day, the solution to cure this is by drinking some water.

Closet cleaning

Simplify your life by getting rid of all the clothes that you don’t wear anymore but too scared to let go. Having this habit will help you to declutter your life as well. It will make getting dressed in the morning faster, and it will also help you from going broke by buying up all the clothes.

Sort out your email

Other than your closet, you need to sort out your email as well. Choose which emails you need and get rid of the rest. Never let your email inbox filled with thousands of emails. Get organized, it’s the key to simplify your life!

Morning routine

Having a productive morning routine is important. Wake up, freshen up and get dressed, and head out for the day. It will help you to get things done and always on time to get out the door.


Emergency kit

We’re not talking about THE emergency kit. We’re talking about beauty, health and car emergency kits. Always be prepared by having extra makeup, hair ties, and anti-nausea pills either in your car or purse so that you can have it when you need it.

Have a budget

Having a budget may seem complicated. However, nothing will simplify your life more than creating and sticking to a budget. Knowing your cash flow is the key to a simplified life.

Simplify your meals

Buy a crock pot, order pre-made meals, and use meal plans to save your dinner time and evening hours. You’ll be walking in the door to a cooked meal when you plan a little and use a crock pot.

No to newsletter

Stop signing up for newsletters to save your time from inbox maintenance. Time is priceless and shouldn’t be spending to clean your overrun inbox. Unsubscribe from any unwanted newsletters.

Pack your lunch

Having a packed lunch every day will not help you to save money, but also ensure you to a proper meal each day. It will make your life easier especially when you have a busy day and can’t get out of the office to eat.


Organize your bags

Make use of smaller pouches and bags in your backpack or briefcase. It will help it to stay organized by keeping cords and charges in one, makeup and money in another.

Back up

Would you love to have a simpler life and work from anywhere in this world? If yes, the next thing you must do is to put everything on the cloud. By having backups, you can work from anywhere your heart desires.

 Workout time

You can’t have an incredible life if you aren’t able to take care of your health and fitness. Make a schedule for about 20-30 minutes of a workout session per day.

One thing at a time

Multitasking may help you to save more time. But your work will be messy if you are rushing to do everything at the same time. Hence, don’t open multiple tabs on your computer but focus on one task at a time.

Fold your clothes

Make folding clothes as a habit as it will help you to know which cloth is clean and ready to wear. It is a good practice to keep your closet neat and organize.