15 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace


No work environment is perfect, but you shouldn’t have to put up with bad work situations all the time. If it affects your health or makes it difficult for you to do your job well, you might want to consider moving on. Here are 15 signs of a toxic workplace.

Here are 15 signs of a toxic workplace.

1. There’s too much drama

Gossips. Arguments. Backstabbing. Internal competition. Office politics may be normal, but if it occurs often then something is definitely not right.

2. Favoritism

No matter how hard you work or how much you have accomplished, other people get promoted. You have to agree with everything your boss says or laugh at every joke just to get noticed.

“emotions that arise from a toxic work environment seep into every aspect of your life. Get out! No job is worth that kind of misery.”

3. Narcissist leaders think rules are beneath them

Everything they say goes and it’s okay for them to go missing-in-action for 2 hours when you have already blocked their time. They also make unrealistic rules just because they can.

4. More people are resigning or job hunting

There’s a high turnover rate and you see people leaving, one after another, over a short period of time. Your colleagues are sending out their resumes.

5. Your boss is not “human”

They only care about results. You are not treated with respect and get yelled at in front of everyone when there’s an issue. They don’t back you up even though they are aware of your efforts.

15 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

6. Lack of appreciation

You are only noticed when something goes wrong and never appreciated for all the good things that you do.

7. Your gut is telling you something is wrong

You keep asking yourself why you’re still working there. Deep down, you know the environment is not healthy and you feel suffocated.

“Life is short… Work when you’re CONTINUOUSLY accepted, respected, appreciated, encouraged, inspired, empowered and valued.” –Ty Howard

8. Your opinion doesn’t matter

It’s either their way or the highway. Your input doesn’t make any difference. At the end of the day, it’s whatever the boss wants and you’re just a “postman.”

9. It’s obvious you’re not given the chance to grow

Even though you have been working there for years, the management keeps hiring outsiders for higher positions. You don’t get to attend important training to help broaden your knowledge.

10. They don’t trust you enough to make decisions

You have to go through layers of approvals in order to get things done. You don’t even have the authority to make small decisions.

15 Signs Of A Toxic Workplace

11. People are treated like objects

It’s all about work and it doesn’t matter if you’re on holiday, celebrating a festive season, or feeling ill. People will still contact you and expect you to work.

12. There’s no transparency

Lack of communication is normal where you work. Only certain people know about any big changes and you get to find out months later.

13. People are always getting sick

People are literally getting emotionally or physically sick. It could be from too much work or stress. Sometimes, it could even be from the bad ventilation in your office.

“People don’t leave jobs, they leave toxic work cultures.”

14. Teamwork doesn’t exist

It’s every man for himself. When you ask your colleagues for help, you get an annoyed look. Your boss doesn’t bother giving you any guidance.

15. You can’t talk to your boss about your concerns

If something goes wrong, it’s your fault. There’s always a ‘but’ when you discuss your annual performance review. After a while, you just give up trying to be open about how you feel.

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