16 First Date Ideas For Breaking The Ice And Ignite The Fun

16 first date ideas for breaking the ice and ignite the fun

Coming up ideas for the perfect first date is pretty challenging. Even to people who had experienced. The first date should be special. Though what makes it extraordinary is not because of how much money you spend but the experience. You can make it fancy if you want it too. But the most important thing is for you to get to know each other. Try making it fun, simple and easy on the wallet. Here are 16 first date ideas for breaking the ice and ignite the fun.


Bike rides

Wear your comfy clothes, get out and ride a bike. While you are enjoying the scenery, start a conversation to get to know them better.

Board games

Nothing can beat a good old board game. It’s easy to find, can be played anywhere you want and can bring out the competitive side of you!


It might get awkward at first as both of you are shy. But it definitely will change your date to a memorable night.  Pick up that microphone and sing your heart out! Don’t forget to sing duet songs together.


Skip that fancy dinner and make your meal together. You don’t have to prepare a complicated dish. Just choose something easy and fun to do. Split up the task and chat all night long learning about each other.

Beach is the best

Beach days are the best day! Don’t you agree? Get comfortable, pack some snack and spend the day soaking up the sun. When both of you are relaxed, the conversation will flow smoothly.


Be a volunteer

Killing two birds with one stone? Yes, please! You can try volunteering at a senior’s home or any youth club. Just have fun and create some memories together.

Live show

Hanging out while jamming to Indie bands are goals. Take in the live show while enjoying some great tunes.

Comedy clubs

The first date should be memorable and fun. The best source of entertainment is no other than a comedy club! But try to go earlier than the show so you can have some talk before it started.

Poetry reading

Doesn’t want your first date to be cliché? Then try to visit any local poetry place to listen to their beautiful poets.

Arcade games

Nothing is better than going to the arcades! Bring your inner child out and play all night long. Who says arcade is just for the kids?



Whether you’re a pro or sucks at bowling, it’s easy to have fun playing it. And don’t forget to give your best shot!


Museum? For a date? Why not. It may not be the best place for conversation, but they are magically beautiful. Plus, you can still chat it up during lunch after the tour.

Make pizza

Come on now! Why haven’t you thought about this before? Easy, fun and pizzalicious.

Street fair

The best date is the casual ones. Grab your sneakers and bring your partner for a stroll along the street fair. There’d be lots of activities and foods!


Picnic? At the park? Nothing can go wrong with that, seriously. Have some yummy lunch and maybe go for a walk afterward.

Amusement park

The winner for the best place to go on your first date is the amusement park (at least for me). A hot dog, some fries and end it up with cotton candy. YUM! Enjoy all those delicious food and ride as many rides as you want. Especially roller coasters.