There’s a saying that goes, “Nothing teaches us better than our own experiences”.

Surely, it does prove its statement when it comes to developing one’s mental strength.

It takes constant practice and sheer determination to push yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow, be optimistic and start taking control of your own life.

Sure, it’s easy to say but a mentally strong person will never undermine their own worth, they will never feel sorry for themselves for what they are lacking or give way to people’s opinion about themselves.

Based from psychotherapist Amy Morin, the author of “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.”, she points out these 21 characteristics a mentally strong person carries.

Do you think you’ll have any of them?

mentally strong person

They keep a balance between emotion and logical thinking

When it especially comes to decision making, a mentally strong person understands that their emotions may often affect its outcome.

Regardless, they make an effort to strike a cohesive balance between emotion and logic in order to make the best decision possible.

Time is of essence. Every minute counts. They ensure that their time is spent productively

Instead of wasting time participating in small talks or avoiding difficult circumstances for another day, a mentally strong person recognizes the importance of working on what really matters.

They refuse to waste their precious time on unproductive matters and focus on doing what brings them closer to their goals.

They understand that change of growth is necessary

Change is a necessary part of life. It is a crucial part of life, being willing to take in a temporary period of discomfort, surrendering what they are now for what they could become.

They recognize the fear that’s holding them back

Fear is inevitable. A mentally strong person confronts and strives to overcome their fears. They know that fear is nothing more than an obstacle that stands in their way of progress.

In overcoming their fears, they move forward stronger and wiser.

They don’t let mistakes stop them. Instead, they learn from it

Mentally strong people know the best way to learn from their mistakes is to admit them rather than to blame them on someone else. They learn from them and strive to not repeat it again.

They understand that regardless the person they are today, they can be better

A mentally strong person accepts themselves at present and at the same time, taking efforts to grow and be better in various aspects of their life.

They celebrate and praise other people’s successes

They understand that recognizing other’s successes won’t dampen theirs. They celebrate the success of others as how they would want others to celebrate theirs.

They recognize their own priority and not make decisions based from the opinions of others

A mentally strong person holds firm onto their own life’s value. They recognize their own priorities, making decision effortlessly.

They understand that improving oneself is not a matter for boasting

Mentally strong people could care less about what others think of them and what more to feel validated by the people around them. Instead, they are so focus to constantly develop and improve that they’ll have no time to seek any form of recognition from the external.

They live an authentic life

They are true to themselves and seek to be real.

It was never a question about winning or losing

To win or lose is never the utmost importance for a mentally strong person. Instead, they’ll constantly feel good about themselves because they recognize their own true value and self-worth relishes from within.

They disregard the short term mentality

A mentally strong person understands that it takes discipline and commitment for any triumph. They focus on the long term goal and ensure that every little action they take each day brings them closer to their goals.

They accept full responsibility of their actions

Instead of hiding or beating around the bush, mentally strong people take responsibility for their actions. They admit and learn from them.

They are not afraid to go through hardships

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. They know that and accept any challenges they may come their way in order to become better.

They are always grateful

Instead of belittling themselves and what they are lacking, they express gratitude constantly on the things they do have.

They recognize their abilities and what they do best

A mentally strong people identify the things they are good at and make the best out with it.

They fall down seven, and get up eight

They know that failing is part of the learning curve. Instead of quitting, they get back up again; never quitting until they succeed.

They focus on the bright side

Mentally strong people see the good things in life. When all things seemed like it’s dark and gloom, they search for the optimist silver lining within whilst keeping their feet grounded at the same time.

They don’t allow their weaknesses to hold them back

A mentally strong people recognize their biggest weaknesses as a challenge to overcome. Instead of running from them, they make gains to work on them.

They solve problems instead of complaining about them

Whenever problems arise, they quit making a big deal out of it and instead gather the thoughts and actions needed to solve them. They don’t spend their time and energy going around them but instead solve them.

They are always learning

They never stop learning because life never stops teaching. No matter the circumstances, be it good or bad, they are always finding the lessons being taught to them.

Based on materials from Business Insider

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