3 Key Habits At Work That Will Improve Your Health

3 key habits at work that will improve your health

We spend an average of eight hours at work so cultivating healthy habits is worthwhile indeed. Below are 3 key habits at work that will improve your health.


Ergonomically speaking

The University of Pittsburgh advices to place the monitor directly in front of you and facing you, not angled to the left or right. This helps to eliminate too much neck twisting. It’s also essential to ensure that what is being viewed most is in the center of the monitor rather than at the top or bottom of the screen.

Put the monitor at a comfortable height that doesn’t cause you to tilt your head up to see it or bend the neck down to see it. When you are seated comfortably, your eyes should be in line with a point on the screen about two to three inches (five to eight cm approximately) below the top of the monitor casing. We actually see more visual field below the horizon than above this (look down a corridor and you’ll see more of the floor than the ceiling), so at this position, you should comfortably be able to see more of the screen. If the monitor is too low, you will tend to crane your neck forward, if it’s too high, you’ll tilt your head backward and end up with a neck and shoulder pain.


Stand and stretch

Repetitive motions after a period of time can wear down muscles and joints causing annoying aches and pains that inhibit your movement. Sitting at a desk all day can cause our muscles to become tired, stiff, and sore. Back, neck, and shoulder pain and stiffness are among the most common workplace injuries. If you are nodding along while massaging your neck at the same time, then you must make time to stretch at work.

It doesn’t require a lot of efforts either. Try these: a) Place your palms together and stretch your arms up in the air while still holding the palms together. Make sure your shoulders are away from your ears. Hold to relieve shoulder aches. B) Another good one is to stretch the side of your neck by putting your palm to the opposite side of your temple and gently pull to hold (example: right ear to right shoulder) for five deep breaths. C) Give your wrist a break by making fists of both your hands and rotate them gently clockwise five times and then anticlockwise. Also, take frequent water and toilet breaks to give your body and eyes a rest. Staying stationary as you stare at the monitor for prolonged periods of time can cause stiff necks and shoulder aches.


Stay hydrated

The human body is heavily reliant on water to function properly as it helps carry nutrients to body cells and flush out toxins from vital organs. Other than improving your general health, keeping hydrated at work helps you to be more productive too. Below are three benefits of staying hydrated at work according to www.bluecollarpeople.com:

  • Increase energy: Dehydration can cause fatigue so drinking water regularly during your workday ensures that you feel fresh and energized for improved productivity.
  • Improve brain function: As the human brain is about 75 percent water, which means that dehydration has a direct effect on its functionality. Effects of dehydration on your brain include decreased alertness, slower reaction times, and reduced attention spans.
  • Chase away headaches: Dehydration reduces blood and oxygen flow to the brain, which results in headaches and migraines.

For more benefits of drinking water at work visit bluecollarpeople-benefits of drinking water at work.