3 Questions That Can Help Decide If You Should Take The Job

3 questions that can help decide if you should take the job

Congratulations on acing the interview and scoring that new job offer! Now, the big question – should you leave the comfort and familiarity of your current job to embrace a new one? It’s not an easy decision. Below are the 3 questions that can help decide if you should take the job.


Question 1: Is it just about the money?

Everyone loves a pay rise so try taking the money factor away to help you think clearly. Do you like the new responsibilities aside from the pay bump? Take a step back and make sure you’re accepting a job that will help you fulfill your career goals. Art Markman, author of Smart Thinking and Habits of Leadership, explains, “Careers are path-dependent things. The next job you take influences the next set of opportunities in front of you. Some of that comes from the career path available to you inside the organization you work for. Some of it comes from the skills you hone in the job you do, and subsequently what other roles you’re seen to be a good candidate for.” Money is an important factor and if you need the pay bump then go ahead and take the new job. Saying no is a luxury so if you could afford to say no then take the time to consider what doors the new job is opening or closing for you.

Question 2: Will I
be happy?

Ultimately it will come down to whether the new job will make you happy. For you to be happy, the job will then have to fulfill your needs and wants. Consider other factors such as flexibility, culture, and commitment. For example, you want the flexibility to check on your child during work hours in the case of emergency. Does the new job allow such flexibility? Or consider simple lifestyle factors such as whether the new role would still allow creative pursuits such as going for your band practice every Tuesday night or even heading to the gym for your favorite Zumba class. Think about whether the new job suits your current needs and lifestyle.


Question 3: What does my gut say?

Cognitive psychologists have developed some “dual-system” theories suggesting that we have two deciding system in making a decision. There is a deliberative system of thought, for approaching complex problems, and a more intuitive one, which helps us make quick judgments. Both systems jointly guide our decisions and actions. When it comes to deciding on a new job, we are more likely to consider things such as the job scope, pay, stress level, commute, and opportunities for advancement. These are important factors, but you will also get a gut feeling about the job. It’s more of a knowing feeling – either a sense of peace or the lack thereof. You need to listen to that too. Even if the job checks all your wish list, but there’s just something that doesn’t feel right to you, pay attention. You will slowly discover what is it that is turning you off from a seemingly great offer.