3 Types of Hand Gestures

Body language is key in any situations, especially when negotiation and sealing deals are involved. You can always identify what is expected of you or what kind of person you are dealing with by reading body languages. Why, just looking at their hand gestures can give you clues. Here are 3 types of hand gestures to look out for when dealing with people.

3 Types of Hand Gestures

The open palm

The open palm or the palms up gesture signify friendliness and receptiveness. The palms up can also be interpreted as asking for something. It is a call for cooperation. When your boss is in a meeting and speaks with his palms up, he is open to opinions and ideas or rebuttals. People who speak with palms up are also perceived as trustworthy and honest.

3 Types of Hand Gestures

The closed palm

The closed palm or palm down gesture is obviously opposite of an open palm. It is a sign of urgency and authority. You can always see this gesture when you are being instructed to do something. People who speak with palms down are generally establishing control. It could mean, “I am not asking for your opinion, I am here to convey what is required of you but I am not going to make it obvious”. The closed palm is often perceived negatively in comparison to the open palm for obvious reasons.

3 Types of Hand Gestures

The pointer

The significance of pointing is perhaps something we already know. The pointer, almost similar to the closed palm except it is more straightforward. When someone points while speaking, they are blatantly instructing you. People who point often are perceived as bossy and demanding.

Therefore the next time you are dealing with someone, be mindful of their hand gestures. It will also be helpful to observe your own hand gestures when communicating. It will help you a great deal!


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