3 Ways On Managing Goodbyes

Ways On Managing Goodbyes

It is time to bid farewell to another year.

Bid farewell to the ones who have wronged us or to circumstances that don’t favor us.

Saying our goodbyes to some people or some life events can mean that we are slowly growing up and maturing to a point where don’t even realize.

Here are 3 ways to manage our goodbyes in a subtle way.

1. Expecting less

It is normal for us to have high expectation towards ourselves or towards people we cherish but we got to understand that not everyone will be able to meet those high expectations. Not to mention that we may not able to meet those expectations ourselves too.

Having high expectations on people who have bid us farewell can be unfavorable to us. We will continue looking back at the many fond memories and reminiscing the good times; hence, we don’t look forward.

Therefore, it is time for us to expect less of those who have bid us farewell for they may move on to greener pastures; we should too.

2. Letting go

It is definitely easier said than done.

We know of many instances where we say we let go but we don’t. I understand that there are times where the memories and experiences were too fond that we thought that we have completely let go but sadly, we have not. Along the process of letting go, one can have mixed feelings and emotions to the extent where one can feel loss in the midst of the process. Fret not, as it is only temporary.

Letting go can simply mean opening up our hearts to new emotions, to new experiences and to new peoples.

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3. Part of life

We got to come to terms that farewell is part of life.

It is only part of life; people come, and people go. We can never keep someone close or certain situations forever. There will be times where we need to bid farewell to good memories or good experiences. If we don’t learn to come to terms that goodbye is a part of life, then we will miss out on many great chances in life.

Once we truly understand that it is part of life, we will be able to live happily and freely.

Goodbyes can be painful but it can be life rewarding as well once we come to terms with ourselves that goodbyes are fine just as long as we learn from it.

Goodbyes can mean that we are slowly letting go of our old bad habits, bad characters, or bad attitudes.

In a way, we are blessed that we have this chance and this life to start over; to love the people who we cherish, to care for the ones who matter and to make full use of this lifetime to do the things that we love.

All in all, we can be people with good character and attitude as well as to do our part in making sure that this world can be a better place.

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