3 Ways To Discover Your Opponent Through A Handshake

3 ways to discover your opponent through a handshake.

Handshakes are a symbolic gesture with huge powers often during sealing of deals, to unite or divide or as a symbol of peace. Many are aware of how a simple handshake may influence people’s perception of you. But less known to many, you can preempt characters, dominance or submission or emotions through a handshake. Read on 3 ways to discover your opponent through a handshake.


Dominance or submission

You’ll observe that the person who plans to dominate or perceives himself to be dominant will shake his hands firm alright. But if you observe closely, you’ll see that his hands is probably slightly higher than yours. It is a typical situation of being on top means you’re dominant. So what you can do is to maneuver your hand in a way that levels with his/hers of necessary. This is to imply that we’re even.

As opposed to the dominant one, you’ll see that the submissive individuals hand is probably lower during the handshake. This could be good or bad depending on the situation. You can maneuver your hand according. Do note that when you maneuver, try to make it subtle. Making it obvious will only making things awkward between you and the other person and you don’t want to create such an impression.



A handshake offered palms down indicates control. This is common among controlling individuals. Controlling individuals would also do the pull in. The pull in is when the handshake results in one individual subtly pulled closer to the other. The one who pulls are often the controlling one. When a handshake is offered palms up, it is a symbol of humility. It means they are there to help you.



A hand in hand shake indicates empathy. You will see this being exchanged a lot during times of grief and trouble. However, it is also a symbol of concern and care. The hand in hand should only be used if you are close to the individual. Handshakes with a limp grip indicates timidity whereas a firm grip could indicate that the individual is seeking for sensation. A lingering handshake is often exchanged in as a sign of pleasure or trust.

Hence, be wary of how a handshake is being offered or how you offer your handshake. It could speak volumes and make a difference.