4 Legit Reasons To Say “NO” When Someone Asks For a Favor

4 Legit Reasons to Say NO When Someone Asks For a Favor

No is a single syllable word that some of us may find very hard to say at times especially when someone asks for a favor. Some of us are yes-men that will just agree to everything and anything, despite being aware of the unfavorable consequences. If at all we do say no, we will probably feel so guilty about it. Nevertheless, sometimes it is good to say no for our personal sake. These 4 legit reasons to say “NO” when someone asks for a favor may just do you some good.

When you’re broke

Many of us are ashamed to admit that we’re broke. You know if you had enough cash you wouldn’t mind lending it or spending it on something or someone. So when your co-workers asks to chip in ridiculous amount of money for your colleagues expensive birthday lunch, for the sake of your finances, please say no. Remember to be honest about it and explain your financial situation.  Provide an alternative situation or work out a deal where your finances are not at stake.

When you have urgent personal matters

When urgent personal matters are concerned, put yourself as priority. It is urgent for a reason. At that point of urgency when someone asks for a favor that would affect the matter at hand, calmly explain to them that you cannot do it now. Tell them that you have some personal matter to look into and if you could, you would be more than glad to help. Genuine individuals would understand your situation.

When you have pending work

Some of us tend to do favors that intervenes that important work pending we have pending. Knowing you will land in trouble if you know you do not complete the work piled on your desk as soon as possible, learn to say no when your friend asks for a minor favor.

When you know the favor will land you in trouble

Some of you are superheroes to the extend you are willing to do favors that could land you in hot soup. As kind and genuine as you may be, if you foresee trouble, say no to the favor. A favor is meant to ease a person’s burden, not bear the person’s burden. For the sake of your own safety and sanity, be firm but not rude in saying no to dangerous favors.

You need to realize that saying “NO” does not make you a bad person. It just means you do not have the capacity to handle it at that point of time or you may have other priorities to look into. Sometimes, you need to put yourself first. Always provide an honest explanation to the person asking you for a favor. You can even propose an alternative if applicable. A good friend or a genuine individual will always understand the position you are in. However if they don’t, recognize that it is their problem and not yours.