4 Methods To Stop Caring What People Think Of You

4 methods to stop caring what people think of you

Today, what matters the most is the ability to fit in. You’ll be surprised to see how far people will go to do things “accepted” by the society. Afraid of being judged has limit people in their involvement or experiences with others. However, to be approved and liked by every human being is impossible. Everyone is judgmental and bias. Hence, you don’t need to be other’s puppet just for the sake of being accepted. Below are 4 methods to stop caring what people think of you.


Everything is temporary

Can you recall every judgment that you have made before this? I believe you hardly remember half of it. You might remember the big things that leave a mark in your life. In conclusion, nothing lasts forever. If their words hurt you now, sooner or later, it doesn’t even matter anymore.

Judgment is unavoidable

You have no power to control other’s thoughts and opinions. No matter how hard you’ve tried, you can’t stop them from judging. The only thing you can do is to communicate openly with others. Be open-minded during the interaction and be honest. That is one of the ways you can try to understand both sides of the stories.


Nobody cares

Let others say what they want to say. It’s good to share things about yourself openly and don’t give a single care about judgment. By being 100% yourself, nothing would matter to you. Moreover, this helps you to ponder on what your real fears are about judgment. At the same time, you can also discover who can be a supportive friend and who can’t.

Reflect your own judgment

Before focusing on others, sit back and look at your own. Is there any judgment that may be stopping you from sharing your true self with others? If yes, the only way to break the curse is to stop judging yourself. Then, you will feel more confident to share things openly. Also, do remember that if you have a judgmental mindset, people are more likely to judge you. To make things easier, accept others ideas and thoughts, and you will be much better received.