4 Reasons Exercise Is Crucial To Your Success

4 reasons exercise is crucial to your success

What do Tim Cook, Richard Branson and Anna Wintour all have in common? Well, for one thing, they’re all extremely skilled professionals at the top of their field. But another thing they have in common is that they all workout.

As a hustling career-driven person, you might think that there’s no time in your schedule to squeeze in a workout. But getting sufficient exercise is crucial to your overall success.

If you aren’t convinced just yet, here are 4 reasons exercise is crucial to your success:


1. It teaches you how to work towards your goals

Working out on a consistent basis is a really good way to teach you how to work hard for something you really want. Let’s face it, if you’ve been unfit most of your life, getting into exercise is going to be one of the most physically painful things you’re going to have to do. But once you start going at it consistently for a few weeks and months, and feel yourself getting stronger and fitter, you’re going to feel an immense feeling of satisfaction.

Working towards your goals is always going to be a tough, painstaking process. Working out and getting fit is a good way to help you learn that lesson.

2. It makes you competitive

Once you start getting stronger, it’s natural that you begin to feel a sense of competition. Whether this is with other people you see working in the gym or a workout buddy you’ve made along the way, it is almost certain that you will feel the urge to get better than those around you.

This sense of competition working out gives you is once again a vital lesson for life in the corporate world. Always work hard and push towards your goals. And when you reach those goals, make new ones. Constantly strive for better than you are.


3. It helps break unhealthy habits

Many of us with office jobs come home at the end of our 9–5s and settle down on our couches with a snack in hand. Though it seems rewarding at the end of the day to do nothing, you have to realise that these habits are bad for both your physical and mental health. And when your health begins to suffer, so does your work.

Once you begin working out and get into the habit, your body will begin to adapt to a more active and healthier lifestyle. You’ll likely reach for healthier snacks or drinks not wanting to sabotage the progress you’ve made in the gym. Perhaps you’ll even decide to go for a walk after work to de-stress. Whatever the case, it’s been proven time and time again that exercise is an amazing solution to helping you get rid of your unhealthy habits for good.

4. You’ll feel better about yourself

You’ve probably heard in the past that exercise makes you happy. And while it may sound cliché, it is indeed true. Exercise, if done regularly, will help make you more confident and feel better about yourself.

After all, if you’re body is working at its peak and your mind is full of endorphins, it’s almost hard to not feel good about yourself. This added sense of confidence can help enhance your life at work too.

Don’t believe us? Challenge yourself to workout every day of this next month and watch yourself grow. If you’ll like to start out easy, try working out with a small elliptical which you can tuck under your desk. You’ll undoubtedly feel the benefits of exercise before you know it.