If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or rising leader, or simply anyone wishing to become more likeable, your charisma is a trait you should work on bettering.

Charisma is all about the way you carry yourself and treat those around you. It has less to do with who you are as a person and more to do with how others perceive you. If you’ve ever met someone you developed an intense liking for but couldn’t really explain why, it’s likely they had good charisma.

The good news is that being charismatic is a trait you can learn. Basically anyone can make efforts to develop their charisma!

But how would you go about doing that? You can start by making changes to the way you talk to people.

Here are 4 small things you can do that will make you more charismatic.


1. Be present in conversations

When having a conversation, whether one-on-one or in a group, make an effort to actively engage yourself in the situation. You should refrain from focusing on what you want to say and instead show people around you that you are listening. This means paying attention to what people are expressing and responding to show you care.

It is also important to maintain eye contact. When you’re the one speaking in a group, make an effort to look at each individual as you talk. If you’re talking to one person, the goal should be to make them feel like they’re the only person in the room. When you look people in their eyes and maintain good eye contact, people feel your confidence and will have a more pleasant experience speaking to you.

2. Don’t be negative

A good way to be more likable is to stay away from negativity. No one wants to be around the bearer of bad news or the guy who complains about everything.

Positive conversations remind others that being around you means they’re in for a positive experience. Even if they’re the ones being negative, it helps to divert the conversation to a more positive note. This helps makes people feel better when they’re around you.

3. Genuinely compliment people

Most people, yourself being included, have the desire to be acknowledged. Whether it’s on their work, their looks or their personalities. It makes us feel better about ourselves and helps to brighten our day.

Thus, when you compliment someone, you stand out to them. They associate feel-good feelings with you and will want to spend more time around you. To do this, pay attention to the people around you. When you see an opportunity, give them a compliment. However, make sure it’s a sincere one. People can sense when you aren’t being genuine and this can hurt your charisma.

4. Smile authentically

Practice what it’s like to smile authentically. This means having a smile that shows warmth. When you smile, people should be able to see it in your eyes and not just in your mouth. Humans are very skilled in understanding emotion and will pick up on it immediately when you fake it.

People who smile are automatically deemed to be more approachable and will attract those around them.

These small changes can have a big impact on how you come across to those around you. With just a little effort, you’ll be on your way to becoming a much more likeable and charismatic person.


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