4 Things We Can Learn From Young Millionaires


What does it really take to become a millionaire in this day and age? Is it hard work? Is it a deep and intensifying passion? Or is it luck?

Whatever the case, the successful who make their first million at a young age surely have some worthwhile advice.

Here are 4 things we can learn from young millionaires:


1. They dream big

All self-made young millionaires started off with a big dream. If you want to see six zeros in your bank balance before you hit thirty, adopt this philosophy; “Nothing is too much. And nothing will ever be enough.”

When you reach your goals, make even bigger ones. Visualise what you want to do and where you want to be and ensure every step you take gets you closer to that goal. Think of your goals and ambition as something that has no limit. Your potentials can be as big as you want them to be and the only thing stopping you is yourself.

2. They start small

However big your dreams are, it’s important to start small.

Always know what your end goal is and where you want to be five years down the road, but make small yet concrete steps to get there. Setting big goals can be overwhelming and oftentimes so big that it even seems unattainable. While it’s important to have big dreams, break them down into smaller, more achievable phases. This will help your work seem more manageable and keep you more motivated to move forward.


3. They’ve always planned to work only for themselves

“The biggest mistake that you can ever make in your life is to think that you work for anyone else but yourself. You are always self-employed.” — Brain Tracey

Whatever field they choose to go into, millionaires always have one thing in common — they refuse to ever work under anyone but themselves.

If you’re working for someone else or a big company, all you’re really doing is making someone else’s dream come true. If you want to make it big and be genuinely happy with what you’re doing, be your own boss and take charge of your career.

4. They think for themselves

Being your own boss means being able to think for yourself.

The average person often wonders what to think. You should study how to think. A millionaire in the making will always make an effort to educate themselves and gather enough knowledge to form their own thoughts and opinions on things.

Always make an effort to read up on as much information as you can and make decisions based on the conclusions you come to on your own.