4 Things You Can Do When You’re Not Sure What You’re Doing With Your Life

4 things you can do when you’re not sure what you’re doing with your life

Maybe you’re not living the life you’ve always imagined, hate your job, or just need something more to be happy. You might feel lost, depressed, frustrated, and ashamed for not knowing what you’re doing or where you’re going in life. It’s okay to feel down, but don’t let it consume you. The good news is, you really don’t have to figure everything out at once. You don’t even need to know what you’re supposed to do in the next 5 or 10 years. Instead of looking at the big picture, just try to relax and think of your next step. Here are 4 things you can do when you’re not sure what you’re doing with your life:


1) Figure out what you want (and don’t)

Forget the logistics or anything that might stop you from going after what you really want. Just make a list and be creative instead of limiting yourself to “safe” ideas. Be very specific. It could be a new career in publishing because writing makes you feel alive or to get out of your comfort zone and experience new things abroad on your own. Whatever it may be, be honest with yourself and try to be as clear as you can. Eliminating what you don’t want would help make the process easier. For example, if you know you don’t want to settle in the country or a 9-5 job, then be sure to write that down.

2) Get to know yourself on a deeper level

Do some soul-searching to discover who you really are. What is the most important thing to you right now? What are your passions? What makes you feel excited and alive? What are the skills you have that you would like to use? What are the skills you would like to learn to move forward? What do you need in your life, career, or relationship?


3) Look at all your options

Don’t worry about making the wrong choices. You already know that you’re not happy where you are now and you have to move forward. Look at all your possible options and narrow it down. Try to visualise yourself in each new option. Which possibilities excite you the most? Which do you feel most connected to? Choose the one that makes you feel good and research all the things you need to make it happen.

4) Don’t be afraid of roadblocks

It’s okay to discover obstacles as you explore your options. Don’t let your fears, lack of confidence, or negative self-talk stop you from achieving what you really want in life. Simply identify what’s getting in your way and figure out what you need to do to move forward. What could be worse than where you are now, right? You just need to be brave and go the extra mile to go after what you really want. Get as much information as you can and don’t be shy to ask for help if you need it.