4 Ways To Deal With A Backstabbing Colleague

Colleagues are part and parcel of the working life. It is interesting to note the different kind of colleagues that exist within your working circle. There’s always a favorite colleague, a colleague like family, a strict colleague, the boss’s favorite, the one that always brings food, the one that steals food and the one that never shuts up. But there is one distinct type of colleague that we all know but have no choice but to be acquainted with – the backstabbing colleague. You know the kind, the ones that say one thing in front of you but would go elsewhere and say something else. While some may be harmless, there are some that are out there just to make your life miserable. It is almost like a form of entertainment to them to see others suffer. These kind of people are often manipulative and clever with their words. They are also friendly, or how else are they going to spread the word. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to make sure you do not fall prey to these people. Here are 4 ways to deal with a backstabbing colleague.

4 Ways To Deal With A Backstabbing Colleague

Be wary about the things you say and whom it is said to

If you do not trust the person enough, then be careful about the things you say to them. While wearing your heart on your sleeve shows how genuine you truly are, some people will use this to their advantage. Anything and everything that you utter can and will be used against you. Maintain a professional distance with everyone and keep conversations strictly business. While a little bit of open conversation about that new movie that is out in the cinemas or your new pet may do no harm, try not to divulge too much of personal information.

Keep your eyes and ears open

You know how preys have heightened senses? In this situation, you are a potential prey so you must keep a lookout for the presence of a predator aka the backstabber. Be observant of the backstabber’s whereabouts and who they are approaching. It will be good to utilize your knowledge of body language in this context. Besides that, keep your ears peeled for the mention of your name or work. It will also be good to stay updated on the office’s latest developments – layoffs, restructuring etc. The backstabber will know better than to say something about you because they know you will find out.

4 Ways To Deal With A Backstabbing Colleague


Always keep records of conversations and correspondence. Try to maintain all conversations formal and via email. The last thing you want when dealing with a backstabbing colleague is to be accused of things that were not said or was manipulated. This may seem like an anal move, but it is always better to stay safe than sorry.

Do not fight fire with fire

Revenge – is not the best solution to this problem. While seeing the backstabbing colleague go through what he did to you may provide some form of satisfaction, it will also make you exactly what that colleague is. Besides that, the backstabber may take it as a challenge and the game will not end well for either party. Do not stoop to that level and remain on the moral high ground at all times.



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