4 Ways You Might Be Sabotaging Your Career

4 ways you might be sabotaging your career

While we all like to think that we’re on the right path and doing everything we can to meet our goals, we oftentimes unknowingly do things to sabotage our plans. We don’t choose to make ourselves fail obviously, so it important we realise what these behaviours are.

Here are 4 ways you might be sabotaging your career:


1. You’re comparing yourself to others

As human beings, it is only natural that we take an interest into how we compare to others. We do this unknowingly all the time, noticing bits and pieces of information from the lives of those around us. However, this innocent little tendency we have is not as harmless as it seems. Don’t let others control the way you make your own decisions. Instead, compare yourself to only yourself. Think about how far you’ve come in the last 1, 2, 3 or 5 years. Think about what has changed and what you want to improve. Doing this exercise will help you realise that it is only your improvements that matter and will help you take steps that will actually improve yourself.

2. You’re afraid

Fear can make a big difference as to how likely you are to truly succeed. And what’s scary is that most people often don’t even realise they’re afraid. Have you ever made a lazy excuse for something you, deep down, actually really wanted to do? Have you ever turned down an opportunity you’ve always dreamed of? You’ve probably convinced yourself at some point that you were really just making the best decision for yourself. Maybe that is really the case here. But maybe it isn’t. The next time you decide to not go through with a big plan or opportunity, identify whether or not it is fear that is pushing you away. If it is, gain some courage and take a leap of faith.


3. You care too much about comfort

Making big life-changing decisions can be scary. Not necessarily because you’re afraid of failing or not getting what you want, but because the thought of putting in the effort turns you away. Hard work is not supposed to be easy. No self-made entrepreneur can tell you they achieved all they ever wanted overnight. You need to understand that reaching your goals is going to be a long and painstaking process. There will be days you want to quit and days you realise this was the best decision you ever made. The key is to remind yourself that your goal is truly worth fighting for. Don’t ever get too comfortable with the way things are. Always push yourself towards more.

4. You think too much about the past

Most of us have some regrets in life. As you progress through your career, you’ll find yourself wishing you did some things differently or wishing you didn’t do them at all. These feelings are completely normal and worth acknowledging at times. But realise that you need to move forward and stop looking behind. Realise that the past really is just the past and has no way of changing once you’ve moved on. You can either remain enslaved with the regrets of your former self, or free yourself from all your worries and anxieties