5 Common 21st Century Habits That Are Ruining Your Health

5 common 21st century habits that are ruining your health

There are a lot of perks on living in the 21st century. You have access to the Internet, TV, radio, various vehicles and better medical care and treatment. You are very fortunate and should always be grateful for it. Despite the advantages, modern life can also give you dangerous and unhealthy habits that will affect your life negatively. Below are 5 common 21st century habits that are ruining your health.


Junk food

As life becomes more advanced and complicated, you make everything at a fast pace. Including eating. Nowadays, people always on the go and it seems like they have no time to enjoy their meal peacefully. Since you are always rushing, the easiest way to grab your lunch is by eating fast food. Even for dinner, you often opt for microwaveable meals, canned foods, fried food, and even junk food. It may look yummy and appeal to you. However, those foods are high in sugar and saturated fats. It’s a silent killer as the death rates from poor diets is way higher than death rates caused by tobacco, drugs, alcohol and unprotected sex put together.


Do you agree that work should only be finish in the office? I believe you all agree. But in reality, lots of people tend to bring it home to finish it. Instead of resting, you sit in front of your computer, doing the work that will keep you awake and disturb your sleeping patterns. This need to stop as the number of people suffering from sleep deprivation has increased. Lack of sleep would not only cause fatigue and sleepiness at work, but it can also lead to heart attack or stroke.



With the growth of the Internet and social media usage, interpersonal interaction has slowly fallen over, making loneliness as a growing problem in the modern world. Feeling lonely would not only drain you emotionally and mentally, but it also means the shortening of the lifespan. One study proved that it can shorten your lifespan as much as smoking around 15 cigarettes every day.


Tanning your skin is great. Unfortunately, not all of you are living nearby the beach. Indoor tanning has become very popular especially for those who are living in colder climates. So what’s the issue here? Well, indoor tanning may give you a similar bronze glaze on your skin, but it came with a risk of hurting your body as severely as smoking . While a lot of cigarettes packages covered with warnings, none of tanning salon warns you about their potential on destroying your skin.



Most of us prefer to work in the office as it is more comfortable since it’s fully equipped with air-conditioning. Even many careers meant to be in the office that requires eight hours per day sitting in front of the computer. However, the human body is not suitable to sit down for long hours. The scary part is that it can increase the risk of developing lung, endometrial, and lung cancer. Even if you’re a fit person who exercises regularly, it can still harm your body just for sitting for too long.