5 Destructive Personalities of Toxic People You Should Avoid

5 Destructive Personalities of Toxic People You Should Avoid

Truly, great companions lift us to become a better person inside and out. However, at times we are unaware of the hidden negative personalities of people around us that could potentially drive us down. Whether we like it or not, there’s truth in the saying by Jim Rohn that we are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.

In order for us to avoid toxic people, we first have to be aware consciously of these 5 destructive personalities they inhabit. There is no absolute room for negative energies in your quest for positive personal growth and life improvements.

5 Destructive Personalities Toxic People You Should Avoid

1. People Who Complain

Complainers are people who often complain just about every bad situation they are in. They let their mouth do the talking and never seem to take any constructive actions to rectify any of their problems.

The act of complaining can be contagious. Sooner or later, little by little, you may gradually join into this negative circle of complainers and adopt this damaging action. Before you sit down and get yourself connected with, be sure to think twice about joining.

2. People Who Limit Themselves

These people conform and lack the motivation to pursue greater purpose for their lives. They are the average and the ones who live life by the clock; simply just living without any aspirations – waking, working a full time job 40 hours a week, hating the mundane tasks, going home, prepare meals, sleeping and the cycle just goes on.

Conformers make up to a majority percentage of the people today. However, if you are someone who pursue the extra ordinary and live life above average, associating yourself with limiting people can serve you no greater motivation.

3. People Who Feel Entitled

These people feel as if the whole world owes them something. They victimize themselves and believe they deserve things without the need to work hard at it.

People who feel entitled not only want it for themselves, they are also prone to influence others to follow suit. Therefore if you are determined to be successful, know that it takes hard work and persistence to achieve. Lose the desire to be entitled and that life hands you over to things you deserve without effort; it doesn’t and will never work that way.

4. People Who Are Constantly Hesitant

These are the doubters, the skeptics and the ones who are always indecisive. They are the ones who always have a listening ear but then convince you otherwise that it isn’t such a good idea after all. They are the ones who constantly believe that great things happen only to ‘certain’ individuals and not for ‘common’ people like us.

It is important to surround yourself with encouraging people and in those who share the same beliefs with you. Identify a doubter and don’t allow their lack of motivation to discourage you from your goals.

5. People Who Spend Too Much Time Partying and Not Investing Into Their Future

They are the people who are always looking forward to days off, planning after work party and living out every night. It’s okay to whine down and chill out some time but if life revolves around only to late night partying and fun, perhaps these are not suitable people to be constantly associating yourselves with.

Party goers seek temporary comfort and live each day as it is. Whereby to be successful, you need to plan, invest your time and effort today in order to live a future you want tomorrow. It was never a matter of predication. Your future depends on what you do today – so do what is right.