Horrible Bosses: 5 Don’ts for Current and New Leaders

5 donts for current and new leaders

Being a boss means you have been placed on an impressionable pedestal. How you treat your employees have a huge influence on their lives. One wrong step in the wrong direction will affect not just yourself, but also the employees under your tutelage. Here are 5 don’ts for current and new leaders you might want to keep in check if you are or soon to be a leader.

5 donts for current and new leaders

Don’t Get Emotional

No one likes an emotional boss. Employees can always see through a boss that swayed by emotions. There is always a non-emotional way to reprimand your employee just like there is one to compliment your employee. It is also unfair to express your emotions to your employees due to a spat you had with your spouse. Try to keep your emotions in check no matter how difficult it gets because as far as work is concern, one must always be levelheaded.

Don’t undermine your employers

There is an obvious line between reprimanding or correcting your employee and undermining them. A horrible boss is not aware of this line. Know that no matter how qualified or experienced you are in the area, it is important to understand that everyone is always learning. As long as effort and learning is obvious, there is no reason to undermine. Try teaching them instead.

5 donts for current and new leaders

Don’t be unprofessional

Being in a place of high-ranking means there are certain professional standards to adhere to. Some bosses may act like a spoilt child. Some act as if they are king of the world. Do not be any of those horrible bosses. An example of unprofessional behavior is taking things too personally, or demeaning your employee.

Don’t be arrogant

Just because you are the boss, does not make you right nor does it make your employee wrong. Do not dismiss a genuinely good idea or suggestion from an employee just for the sake of saving your ego. Be open to making mistakes and being corrected for a mistake. Admit if your employee is doing well and give compliments where compliments are due.

5 donts for current and new leaders

Don’t resist change

Change is inevitable. As bosses, we should be leaders of change. That change could also involve a change of authority, or change in structure. Do not resist change for your own benefit or for the fear of losing.

Bosses are leaders. A leader is meant to lead by example. A quality work outcome depends on a quality work relations and environment. Choose your battles wisely.