5 Effective Ways to Recover from a Heartbreak

5 Effective Ways to Recover from a Heartbreak-01

It is often advised that in every situation and in every circumstances, it takes time. Time to heal, time to go back out again and start over. Recovering from a heartbreak is no exception. It can be the guy or the girl you have been attached to emotionally, physically and mentally throughout many years. It is definitely difficult to shake off the feelings and memories you both once shared. Here are 5 effective ways to recover from a heartbreak.

5 Effective Ways to Recover from a Heartbreak-02

1. Lose contact

The many conversations you both once shared on whatsapp, delete them. The many phone calls you both once made, delete the phone call history. You have him or her on social media, disconnect from all of them.

Never have the tendency to keep yourself updated with their lives because you know what, you don’t need to. Even if you had a bad day at work, you tend to vent your frustrations to them, stop doing that as well. Alternatively, vent it to your close ones whom you can trust.

Cut all ties while you still have this uncertainty and even when you feel this tingling feeling whenever you think of him or her, know that they are out of your life and it is for the better.

2. Pen down your thoughts

Write down the things that you dislike about them; their bad habits, their weaknesses, their bad attitudes and characteristics that you used to overlook because you felt that if you are both in this relationship; both of you needed to accept each other’s imperfections.

Right now, it is not necessary to do this anymore. Feel free to pen down your frustrations and tell yourself you deserve better than this.

5 Effective Ways to Recover from a Heartbreak-03

3. Keep yourself occupied

It doesn’t matter whether you take up a new hobby or interest, go forth and just do it. That new hobby you never thought you’d take up; example, gardening or archery for that matter; just do it.

Other than taking up new hobbies or interests, you can keep yourself occupied with the people whom you have missed hanging out with. Catch a movie or do a sport together.

Keeping yourself occupied will rid you of possibly thinking the many “what-if(s)” in life.

4. Try dating once you are ready

No, I am not asking you to date in order for you to forget your heartbreak. I am asking you to date when you are ready to accept someone new in your life.

Try out dating apps, or go out and mingle with colleagues you see in office, the new friends you made while you were doing charity, or anyone you know for that matter. Who knows what can possibly spark up when you learn to open yourself up once more. There will always be new possibilities for new dates.

Try out new things; you won’t regret it.

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5. Be content

Most importantly, I want you to realize that this is not the end. You may experience more heartbreaks in the future, but you will learn from each and every one of it.

You will find someone new and even better in your life. Someone who will be able to compliment you better than the heartbreak you once experienced.

Nevertheless, always be content and happy with the people around you because you know what, these people care and love you for who you are.