5 Effective Ways to Study Smart

5 Effective Ways to Study Smart-01

In our lifetime, we spend about 15 to 20 years studying. If you have all the audacity to go full force in continuing your studies to PhD or professional studies, then you definitely will utilize more than 20 years of studies to achieve that goal. Education is very important as many say that education is the best weapon to against poverty and that is very true. Studying long hours is not the key to being effective in your studies; but studying smart is. Studying smart in the sense of cutting off the mentality of just memorizing and cramming your notes. Here are 5 effective ways to study smart.

5 Effective Ways to Study Smart-01

1. Positive mindset

Some people face studies as if the task is a must rather than enjoying it, they just do it for the sake of doing it. Therefore, some people don’t take studies as an enjoyment. Rather they perceive studies as a form of responsibility. No one can force you to study, but then you got to come to terms that studies is a form of a chance to learn and to gain knowledge. Have a positive mindset and stop comparing yourself to people who are smarter, quicker or more knowledgeable than you. You will get there at your own pace.

2. Effective ways in jotting notes

You should try a few ways be it mind-mapping, putting all the first letters to form key points and even more. In addition, you will need to try out to know which is the most effective way to jot notes; it doesn’t matter in class or during revision. Mind-mapping in a way where color codes may trigger your brain to remember or understand better as well.

5 Effective Ways to Study Smart-01

3. Revision on your own or with friends

It doesn’t matter which approach you are comfortable with but the most importantly, you need to spend your time effectively during that period of time. If you revise on your own, have the tendency to test yourself with past years’ questions, practice tests and more. If you prefer having companions to revise together, feel free to do so but don’t get carried away when you do so. Pick the right companions to study together; you all may have more ideas and inputs pertaining to studies.

4. Schedule your study time

Students tend to spend about 6 to 7 hours in school or university. Then when they head back, they will need to work on their homework, assignments or study for tests. Thus, have a proper timetable where you will be able to study related subjects in a given period of time. When you know your exam is near, never have the habit of cramming your subjects into a tight schedule; that will cease to enable you to study effectively. Take some breaks in between as well.

5 Effective Ways to Study Smart-01

5. Learn, learn and learn

Don’t forget that in all that you do, enjoy the learning process as studies is not just about passing examinations but to learn things that are beneficial in your livelihood. Look out for interesting classes and subjects so that you will be able to improvise on them. Gain all the knowledge you can and enjoy it because you will never know when opportunity knocks into your door; whenever your skills and knowledge are needed.