5 No-Nonsense Tips On How To Get Over Someone

5 no-nonsense tips on how to get over someone

Nothing in life is permanent. People will come and go. Despite whatever it is that is happening in your life, you need to keep moving forward and move on from it. However, moving on seems impossible when your world is tearing apart. How are you going to forget and leave everything behind as if it was no big deal?  Well, worry not; here are 5 no-nonsense tips on how to get over someone.


It’s okay if you’re hurting

Relationships are fundamental to everyone’s life. Humans are social creations and will depend on each other. You also develop the meaning of life through relationships. Hence when a relationship ends, you lose a part of yourself as well. You might feel empty or feel as if there’s no longer any purpose in your life anymore. Accepting that some parts of you have gone is hard. But once you are over that phase, you truly will gain more opportunities to find new meaning in life to help rebuild a better you.

What kind of relationship you had?

Stop telling yourself he/she was perfect and as if you won’t find someone as good as them. It won’t help you to move on but will only sadden you more. Remind yourself that nobody is perfect. So if the relationship has ended, meaning that it wasn’t perfect either.


New source

Usually, people would tell you to go out and have fun after break ups. It may make you feel happy and may release some stress from your problem. But it would not restore new meaning in your life.  By the time you get home, you probably be reminded about your loss. Now, take some time to write down the things that make you happy. For instance, if you love traveling, start to organize trips (solo or with friends) to the place that you’ve always wanted to go. Plan your budget as well so that everything runs smoothly.

Thank yourself

When you were in a relationship, you have to think about two people; your partner and yourself. Once you are single, it’s the perfect time to focus 100% on yourself. Go back to square one and get to know yourself again. You can even write down your greatest strengths to build up your self-confidence back. It may seem silly, but all these little things are vital for you to realize how valuable you are in this world.


Out of your safety bubble

Take this opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and have a little adventure with some new and scary things. It doesn’t have to be extreme, just anything that gives you butterfly in your stomach. Doing peculiar things will bring back the colors in your life.