5 Points To Making a Good First Impression

5 Points To Making a Good First Impression-01

It doesn’t matter if you are in the society or work environment, first impressions are crucial. Crucial in a way where many say you can’t take it back. That’s why it is called the first impression where people whom you don’t know of will be looking at you for the very first time. When strangers look at you; often times they will able to gauge and evaluate the way you dress, the way you talk, they way you respond to certain things or even the way you walk. People in general has the tendency of having their personal opinions. Though their opinions may not matter a lot, sometimes it does. It does in a way where a certain standards or requirements need to be met in order to impress someone on their first meeting. Here are 5 points to making a good first impression.

5 Points To Making a Good First Impression-01

1. Seek for more information

You got to be hardworking enough to go all out to seek for more information on the people whom you going to meet or the place you are going to be holding your first meeting. Do some research; search them on Google to roughly gauge a little bit of their background.

2. Dress up

This is the obvious point where about 90% of a good first impression derived from good dressing. You don’t need to purchase expensive and branded clothes but if you need to, you got to spend some money on them.

Otherwise, you can just make sure that your clothes are tidy, neat, clean and suitable for the occasion that you are in. You very much need to dress the part; don’t go around wearing your comfortable casual and comfortable clothes during your first work meeting. That will not do. When you have no idea what to dress, just dress your best clothes that you can find in your wardrobe.

5 Points To Making a Good First Impression-01

3. Body language

Without you noticing, the slightest body language that you portray can very much mean that you are interested in the meeting or you don’t. Always sit or stand straight because when you bend your body over too much, it shows lack of confidence or you just don’t bother to continue the meeting. A good smile and a positive nod wouldn’t harm you as well.

4. Show interest

It is your first meeting, you definitely need to look forward to it or not why bother meeting up for the very first time, right? You have got to show interest even if the person you meet or the meeting is not up to your expectations. When you show interest, the person that you meet have the tendency to be more confident in presenting his or her message across. That will enable the meeting to be more interactive and meaningful as well.

5 Points To Making a Good First Impression-01

5. Be real

Just be who you are and don’t fake yourself throughout the meeting. Be genuine and truthful on the things you say and mean every word of it. The person that you meet for the very first time can be a potentially close to you in the future. Who knows? You both might end up being good business partners or even friends.