5 Questions Everyone Needs To Ask Themselves

5 questions everyone needs to ask themselves

Self-development is an ongoing process you’re going to have to work on. And an integral part of self-development is the ability to constantly keep yourself in check. And to do so, here are 5 questions everyone needs to ask themselves:


1. Could I have done better today?

This is a question to ask yourself everyday. It’s important to reflect on your achievements as well as your shortcomings at the end of each day. Could you have been nicer to that waiter in the restaurant? Or spent more time with your family? Is there anything you regret? Take note of all these and work to prevent them from happening in the future.

2. What should I learn how to do?

Curiosity is essential for survival, no matter how old you are. Many people, once they’ve finished graduating, tend to reach a plateau in their consumption of knowledge. This is because they assume that learning more than they already have is redundant. However, you should not fall prey to this type of thinking. There is no limit to the amount of knowledge you should aspire to gain. Whether it’s to advance your career or to form a new hobby, you should give in to any curiosity you feel. So the next time you see a flyer for a obscure hobby or event, consider checking out what it is. Knowledge is never a waste.


3. What is my biggest priority right now?

To answer this question, you should think about what job or task that, when done, will make you feel the most accomplished. It could be as big as the next step you should take to get that promotion or as simple as cleaning out that spare room in your house. Whatever it is, having your priorities in place will help you structure your time and put your focus where it is necessary.

4. Do I like how I’m spending my time?

This question could be a bit of a wake-up call for you depending on its answer. Perhaps you find that you aren’t as satisfied by your job anymore. Or that your free time could be used more productively. Whatever the case, you should aim to feel fulfilled by whatever you do to fill your day. If you find yourself feeling your time could be used better, work to change this. Your time is your greatest asset.


5. Where was I a week/month/year ago?

This question is perhaps the most important to help keep you in check. If you aren’t any farther from where you were a certain amount of time ago, could it be that you aren’t progressing enough? Is the effort you put in not reaping any desired results? If so, perhaps it’s time to change something. You should always aim to do better than you were a week, a month and a year ago and asking yourself this question from time to time will help ensure that.