5 Reasons A Work-Life Balance Is Important

Here are 5 reasons a work-life balance is important:

Workaholics are often praised rather than looked down upon. Many admire the hard work and grit they put into bettering their career prospects. While being a hard worker is indeed a necessary trait to succeed, it’s essential that we realise just how important our lives outside of work are. Here are 5 reasons a work-life balance is important:


It’s good for your health

People who overwork are known to experience what is commonly called a ‘burnout’. This happens when too much of your mental energy is dedicated towards stressful and demanding tasks. This can even lead to more severe problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease and mental illness such as anxiety or depression. Chronic stress can be more harmful than you think it is, even if it seems to be having little of an effect on you.

You’ll have more time for yourself

Dedicating all your time to work is often at the cost of the other important aspects of your life, such as hobbies or any other leisure activities. Most workaholics are guilty of using work as an excuse to procrastinate other obligations, like going to the gym or working on a potential side project. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice too much of your personal time to be a good employee. Having a life outside of work will leave you more fulfilled with what you have achieved. After all, what’s the point of having a lot of money if you don’t have the time to spend it?


It will improve your relationships

Another important trait of healthy individuals is maintaining wholesome relationships with the people they care about. This could be your family, your partner or your best friends. Having the time to build upon and strengthen your relationships is necessary for your well being. Don’t be that guy who missed your anniversary dinner or birthday party for a frivolous work event.

You’ll enjoy the work you do more

When you devote all your time to a single thing, you don’t allow yourself to appreciate it. Being able to take time off work is essential to ensure that you enjoy the time that you do spend working. The little bit of time you spend away from the office could be just what you need to re-spark the passion you do feel for your job.


Taking time off work will make you more productive at work

This can seem counterproductive, but it has been proven to be true. A balanced work-life relationship will allow you to perform your best when you are at work. This is because being able to switch off every once in a while will give you the necessary boost you need to get back when you need to. Think of all the times you’ve taken a break from a complicated task only to come back with fresh energy and a recharged drive to tackle the issue. Productivity is present in limited amounts. Use it wisely.