5 Risks You Need To Take

5 risks you need to take

“Life is a series of calculated risks” — Lish McBride

If you want to live your life to the fullest, know that doing so comes with embracing challenges and taking a lot of risks. You aren’t going to get anywhere if you’re too afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. Here are 5 risks you need to take:


Risk saying “I don’t know”

We often let our egos get in the way when realizing we don’t know how to do something when there is really no need to be embarrassed. Asking for help and getting advice is exactly what you need to grow as a person. Besides, is it really worth struggling for days trying to figure something out instead of just taking a few minutes to ask for help?

Risk failing

You’ve probably seen those viral pictures of how success is never a straight line. It’s a very squiggly one, with lots of ups and downs. Failure is an essential part of any path to success. If you’re afraid to fail, it’s almost like being afraid to succeed. Besides, we learn from failure. It is only when you are at your weakest that you learn how to function at your strongest.


Risk getting rejected

Being able to handle rejection is an important trait to have no matter what the situation is. Whether it’s that big job you really wanted or that girl in the bar who turned you down, being able to handle rejection is necessary if you wish to gain acceptance. After all, if you fear rejection, how will you ever be able to face opportunities you might have a chance for?

Risk missing out

In the age of the Internet and social media, many young people tend to fear being left out. It might be a party, a concert or just any night out. We seem to fear we might not be a part of something all the important people are up to. So instead, we decide to sacrifice a night in of getting quality rest, to spend a night out doing something not all that important. Think about it: All your life, you’ve ensured you haven’t missed out on a single event. How many of those events really made some lasting change to your life? It’s alright to miss out on big days every once in a while. For all you know, your day spent home will be more beneficial to you as a person.


Risk being judged

You’re pretty much going to remain stagnant in your life if you worry about what everyone else thinks of you. You’ve got to face it that everyone judges everyone; yourself included. We can’t help it most of the time. But we also forget it. We might judge someone for whatever reason only to let them slip out of our mind just a few minutes later. Being judged is not a big deal. The sooner you realise that, the more carefree your life becomes.