5 Signs You Are Suffering From Emotional Stress

5 Signs You Are Suffering From Emotional Stress

Everyone has bad days. Sometimes you face challenging problems at work that drive you up the wall. At times you feel overwhelmed by all the family obligations that never seem to end. But if you have a lot more than just a few down days and always feel like you’re on the edge or barely keeping it together, you might want to slow down. Here are 5 signs you are suffering from emotional stress:


You feel annoyed, bitter, and frustrated all the time

Every little thing annoys you and you have zero patience. You may honk at the driver in the car in front of you for moving too slow. You might feel really frustrated when you have to wait a couple of minutes to finally get some assistance. Maybe you even lose your patience and give up after standing in a queue for 5 minutes. You think everyone is incompetent, slow, and out to get you.

You can’t control your temper

When something makes you angry, you intentionally make a mountain out of a molehill and exaggerate the whole situation. You want to look for trouble and lash out for the smallest reasons. You don’t have any patience for other people’s mistakes and blame everyone for your emotional state.


You worry about everything

You have obsessive and compulsive behaviors. You worry about whether or not you locked the car door or shut the windows and tend to check again even though you know you have. You wash your hands with soap again just to make sure they’re clean. You always worry that something bad is going to happen and feel like you have to do certain things to feel normal.

You avoid social interactions

Some days you don’t feel like doing anything. All you want to do is stay in bed and stare at the ceiling or indulge in a movie marathon. You’d rather withdraw from the world and avoid people for as long as you can. You would rather be alone and refuse to join your colleagues for dinner, attend a family gathering, or catch up with your friends.


You react erratically to every little thing

People point out that you’re not yourself. You have mood swings and tend to overreact in every situation. You behave strangely and do things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Your family and friends don’t seem to know who you are anymore.

“Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” — Brian Tracy

Don’t be a victim of your own emotions. Take some time to reflect and conquer your inner demons. Let go of all your frustrations, anger, and worries so you can make room for some peace of mind. Wasting your energy on negativity is just not worth it.