5 Steps To Controlling Anger


Perhaps the feeling of anger is uncontrollable but the expression of anger is manageable. Anger is inevitable. The coolest cucumber you know may have lost his/her head once or twice. Anger is not a bad thing unless expressed negatively. As we all have experienced, anger is a split second emotion and a lot can happen within that split second; bad decisions, negative expression, wrong actions. Hence, anger management is of utmost importance. It all boils down (pun intended) to these 5 steps to controlling anger.

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1. Take deep breaths

Your body gets stiff when you are angry. Deep breaths help relax your muscles. You will find yourself more composed and clear in thoughts upon taking at least three deep breaths.

2. Express your anger

No this is not bad advice. Express your anger not through a yelling match or a fistfight, but perhaps in the form of words. Write down what is making you angry in your journal, or take a walk and talk to yourself about it. You can also talk to a friend if you are comfortable enough. Walk away if you have to or put on your choice of calm music and detach yourself from the situation.

5 Steps To Controlling Anger-01

3. Understand the source of your anger

Your judgments are often clouded when you are filled with anger. Whatever you think you would like to do while you are angry, is probably something you may regret once you have cooled down. Hence take some time way or talk to a friend, and understand the source of your anger. Ask yourself why you are this angry, and what can you do or say to overcome the situation you are facing.

4. Gather perspectives


Vent to your colleague or your best friend, and listen to what they have to say about the situation. We are all fallible beings and tend to make rash judgement at situations. Therefore, it may be the best option to speak to a trusted confidant and gather their point of view of the situation. Sometimes you see and hear things clearer when someone else says it.

5 Steps To Controlling Anger-01

5. Let it go

Do not let that anger manifest within. The longer you hold on to your anger, the more you will be affected. Whoever who’s made you angry probably wouldn’t even care after an hour while you remain all riled up and lose a night’s sleep. Stored anger is also not good for health. Try your best to let your anger go, because always remember that you have nothing to lose.