5 Success Tips For Moms Working From Home


It may sound like a dream come true. You score yourself a job that would allow you to work from home so you can spend time with your baby. It’s no easy feat juggling work and baby though so here are 5 success tips for moms working from home.


Manage expectations

You are not Wonder Woman so you need to accept that you can’t be at two places at a single time (actually, even Wonder Woman can’t be at two places at a single time). This means you will need some help with the baby and house chores while you wrap up work. If you are not getting a babysitter or a maid to help out, then you need to be able to live with some mess and accept that you will need more time to meet deadlines.

Either way, you need to be realistic about your expectations and don’t beat yourself up too much when things don’t go perfectly according to schedule.

Get a routine

Only you will know what works best for you and your child. Are you more productive in the morning? If you prefer to work uninterrupted for a few solid hours in the morning, then you can opt to send your child to a daycare. That will enable you to have a block of time to get some work done while knowing your child is being taken care of.

You need to know your productive hours so you can leverage on that and work that around your child. If you are taking care of your child, then you need to get some work done as your child naps or plays in a safe nursery. Taking care of your child and working is more challenging, but with focus and discipline, it can be done!


Ask for help

Many a time, work from home mothers feel they have to do it alone. That’s not true. It’s not a sign of weakness nor is it wrong to ask for help from time to time. In fact, it’s healthy to understand that you can’t manage it on your own all the time. So reach out for help – spouse, parents, in-laws, and trustworthy friends and neighbors. It might be best for your child if you get some help as well.

Take some me time

Working from home while juggling a baby and household chores will take up all your energy and time. It’s easy to dismiss your needs as an individual so make it a point to refresh yourself by taking some time off. It can be going to a class at the gym, swim, or a much-needed spa treatment. To be your best you need to make time to take care of you too.


Be present

It’s important you respect your schedule. When you block out time to work, do make sure you aren’t distracted by your baby’s cute antics or be tempted to vacuum. Focus on getting that work assignment done and leave the cleaning to the end of the day. When it’s time for you to spend time with your baby, make sure you aren’t distracted by work emails or be tempted to check your phone every other 15 minutes.

In all that you do, put your heart and head into it and be completely present. This way, your work and baby, will get the best of you. By staying and focusing your energy on the present, you will find yourself enjoying your work and baby more.