5 Tips For Building Strong Connections

5 tips for building valuable connections

For many entrepreneurs, hearing time and time again about the importance of building connections can get a little dry. We get it. Connecting with others is important. But do you know how you should go about it? Or what the best strategies are to do it? It is crucial for entrepreneurs in any field to build a trusted network of people they can count on. Here are 5 tips for building valuable connections:


Don’t wait

A good piece of advice is to build your network as you build your company. Many entrepreneurs get so swept into perfecting their products or services that they dismiss any potential opportunities to connect. While focusing on your brand is important, those who will help you sell it will eventually come to be just as valuable.


When choosing people you’d like to further connect with, ensure that you are indeed choosing the right people. You’ll want to connect and collaborate with those who share your goals and ambitions. There’s no point in putting effort into a relationship with just anyone and everyone. Always do your research first and connect with those you find worthy.


Focus on a select few people

After you’ve done your research, it’s time to further narrow down who you’d like in your network circle. The best entrepreneurs know that networking isn’t all about handing your business card to as many people as you can. Decide the few you think will most help your brand and concentrate on how you can begin building the relationship.

Build relationships of value

Once you’ve chosen those you’d like to work with, work on building the connection. Approach them and introduce yourself and brand. Both online and offline routes work fine. What’s important is that you are genuine in your introductions and let them know your brand is worth taking an interest in.


Nourish the relationship

Don’t be that guy who contacts someone out of the blue years after not saying a word. There’s no point in beginning a relationship if you don’t plan on putting effort into it. No one is going to go out of their way to help you if they see no real connection with you. Once you’ve chosen who you’d like to work with, always remember to stay in contact. Check in with them every so often and bring value into their life the same way they do for you.