5 Tips For Freelancers

5 tips for freelancers

Freelancing is now a more popular path to success than it ever was. But though being your own boss sounds ideal, things can get quite complicated and frustrating.

No matter the business, setting yourself up for success is vital. So if you’re serious about quitting your job and giving freelancing a try, here are 5 tips for freelancers:


1. Find your niche

Whether you’re a writer, an artist or a photographer, deciding what makes you different from everyone in the field is among the first things you should do. Ask yourself what makes your work unique? Why would people choose you over anyone else?

Once you answer these questions, market yourself as such. Don’t waste time communicating with brands uninterested in what you specifically offer. Decide who you are and work with what you have.

2. Don’t sell yourself low

This is a common problem among many freelancers. Because they get so excited about finally making it on their own, they accept ridiculously lows pays for the work they do.

If you have a big savings piled up and worry more about getting experience or networking at the moment, this might not be as a big an issue. But if this is supposed to support your lifestyle, it’s time to rethink how much you charge. Any creative endeavor will not last if your numbers don’t add up. Research your field and understand how much people in your position usually charge for their services.


3. Get yourself organised

How will you ever get your business to work if it’s not structured and organised well? Ensure that you have a plan for your work and keep up with it.

This can range from making sure your office is free of clutter to scheduling your each and every task for the day. Set up the necessary systems for yourself to get in check and watch how much easier your job becomes.

4. Don’t be afraid to reject clients

When you’re new to the game and too concerned about making a name for yourself, the thought of rejecting a client or offer may seem stressful.

But being your own boss means sometimes having to make hard decisions. If you know a project is not in your niche or will take up too much of your time, don’t put up with it. It’s better to disappoint someone else than to disappoint yourself.


5. Have an online presence

As a freelancer, marketing yourself is a big part of the job. Having an online presence is essential for introducing potential clients to what you have to offer and why they should hire you.

You should aim to have both a website for your brand and several social media accounts. You might even want to consider more niche platforms like Behance or Etsy. Always make sure people know how to find you.