5 Tips That Make Dealing With A Narcissist Easier

5 tips that make dealing with a narcissist easier

A narcissist is a person who’s in love with a glorify self-image and would avoid their real wounded self. Dealing with narcissists in your life can be difficult. They won’t listen to you and couldn’t care less about others. They only care about themselves and won’t hesitate to manipulate people to get what they want. To make your life easier, below are 5 tips that make dealing with a narcissist easier.



It may sound immature, but avoiding them is a legit way to deal with a narcissist. If you think you are able to change their behavior, you’ll be walking yourself to hell. Narcissism is a personality trait that is difficult to change. Instead of joining their game, you should avoid it and focus on your life.

Kiss up or zip your mouth

If you’re dealing with a narcissist who has a more powerful position than you (you’re boss), the best way to deal with it is by zipping your mouth shut until you’re out of there. However, if you need to get along with your boss, the best way to communicate with them is to admire them and their achievements. But keep in mind to not act weak. Just respect them as you’re in the lower position of power.


Know what you want

You need to be smart and firm when negotiating with a narcissist. You must know what you want when you are working with them. Having a clear image of it will help you to smoothen the negotiation process. Bear in mind to never trust their promises, and always observe their actions. Actions do speak louder than words.

‘What would people think?’

In a narcissist’s head is all about their reputation and appearance. The trick to make them do something is by asking probing questions that will affect the way others see them. Show them how bad it will be if they turn your favor down. They only care about their reputation. So use that advantage to get what you want.


Are you a narcissist?

Everyone has narcissistic traits. To make sure you don’t turn into one, you need to keep reminding yourself to have empathy for others. Stop concerned about your reputation and yourself only. You are living in this world together with others, not just by yourself.