5 Tips To Help You Be A More Resilient Employee

5 tips to help you be a more resilient employee

To be resilient is to be skilled in the art of adapting. It is the ability to face all forms of stress and adversity and bounce back from its hardships.

In the workplace, a space that’s always on the go and has its fair share of hurdles and challenges, building resilience skills are of the utmost importance. It is important to manage the demands and stress we feel from work and stay motivated to do our job.

Here are 5 tips to help you be a more resilient employee:


1. Be mindful

These days, there really is no getting away from stress. In such busy and hectic offices, finding time to calm down can be tough. When you feel stressed at work, it helps to be mindful. Take your mind away from the big issues keeping you down and focus on the little things around you. There are even apps that can help you out with this! Try looking out for applications like Calm, which has been proven by researchers to be effective in decreasing stress and encourage mindful thinking.

2. Have a strong sense of confidence

All resilient people have a strong sense of confidence. This is what most helps them survive any setbacks they’re forced to deal with. Of course, confidence doesn’t happen with a flip of a switch. You’re going to have to keep working at it. The next time you feel your self-esteem getting you down or your belief in yourself wavering, tell yourself that you are indeed confident and can strongly deal with any situation. Be optimistic about things and let your positive thoughts guide you forward.


3. Treat your hardships as a challenge

From now on, learn to develop a habit of treating all your setbacks as a challenge. Instead of letting hurdles get you down, think of these as opportunities for you to acquire a new skill or to build on your mental capabilities. Remember, everyone is confronted with hardships. What differs those who succeed is how we respond to them.

4. Keep your health in check

If you don’t keep both your physical and mental health at its peak, it’s likely your resilience in the workplace will suffer. You might not think the two correlate, but as studies have proven time and time again, your health will indeed affect the kind of employee you are. You don’t have to be eating 100% clean and hitting the gym everyday, but do try to achieve the bare minimum. Eat as healthy as you can, drink lots of water, be active when possible and get enough sleep. When you’re in good health, you’ll be able to cope with all of your office worries much easier.


5. Build healthy relationships with your colleagues

Those who have healthy relationships tend to be more resilient than those who don’t. It is necessary to maintain a good relationship with those you work with if you want to be more resilient at work. This is important to do because it builds a strong a strong network of people who will support you when you need it. When you’re down or having a hard time, you’ll know for sure that these people can help get you back on your feet. And they’ll be glad to know that you’ll be there for them too. It’s a two-way thing.