5 Tough Morning Routines To Accommodate But Will Pay Off Forever

5 Tough Morning Routines To Accommodate But Will Pay Off Forever

There is a study found at the University of Leipzig that morning people are much more proactive than the night owls. To become a morning person, it is not as easy as setting your alarm at 6 in the morning. You need to change your routines and adapt the early risers’ mentality. Here are 5 tough morning routines to accommodate but will pay off forever.


Plan your day the night before

This is more of a “night before routine” than a “morning routine”. It is very important to jot down your plan for a successful morning. When your head is clear and you know what to prioritize, you can manage your time effectively and get those things done. If you need an extra help, you can include your breakfast menu and lay out your clothes for the next day. Then, you will have no reasons to not wake up.

Rise before the sun

Do you want to be a successful person? If yes, you must wake up as early as five in the morning. This is because according to a book, “What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast“, 90% CEOs of giant worldwide corporations, wake up before six in the morning on the weekdays. The CEO of Twitter jogs by 5: 30 and the CEO of Disney read a book as early as 4: 30. It may seem like hell, but with a bit of adjusting, everything is possible.


Fight sleepiness with exercises

Working out in the morning is a hard task for most of you. It’s more like a mental exercise where you need to fight the sleepiness and convince yourself to do it. If the successful and occupied leaders can do it, why can’t you? So try to do it as soon as possible after you woke up, and then you can tick off exercising in your daily list.

Get it done

A great way to spend your morning before daily life begins is to get your work done. Those two or three hours of peace and quiet can really help you to focus on your work and get it done. Let it be an important project or your creative side hustle, use those uninterrupted hours effectively.


Welcome the peace

Our life is like a busy road. The annoying noise from the honks, the stressful driver and the frustration of being late. To escape this chaotic place is through waking up early. When you wake up before everyone else, it feels like the world is yours and no one else is going to disturb you. So take your time to welcome the peace and achieve calmness that you’re looking for.


To change the way you look at your life, you must change your habits. Slowly practicing and becoming an early riser, you will achieve not only productivity but also certain mindfulness and getting ahead of all your responsibilities. Changing your routine will give you a better life and you would never regret doing it.