5 Unique Ways To Save Some Extra Cash

5 unique ways to save some extra cash

When it comes to saving money, most of us are probably quite familiar with the more conventional methods. Budgeting, tracking your expenses…we’re well acquainted with these. But like anything else, thinking out of the box always helps spark some bigger and better ideas. Here are 5 unique ways to save some extra cash:


1. Save all your RM1 & RM5 notes!

If you’re the type you prefers to use cash over card, this method is going to really add up over the years. Whenever you receive change in the form of RM1s and RM5s, keep that aside from the rest of your money. You often don’t even notice how much spare change you usually have so the amount this comes up to will be sure to shock you. Just be sure to stay away from debit or credit cards!

2. Take something out of the cart right before you’re about to pay

When you go shopping from now on, take a good look at your cart right before you’re about to pay and take something out. This is an especially good tactic if you’re at a place where you’re more likely to make emotional purchases, such as your favourite art store or boutique. Doing this will help make sure you save both the money and the buyer’s remorse you’ll likely feel once you get home.


3. Use the 30-day rule

The 30-day rule is exactly what it sounds like. The next time you want something really bad, don’t let yourself buy it for the next 30 days. This will give you time to think about whether this purchase is really worth the money. If you still want the item really badly once the 30th day hits around, go ahead and buy it. But stop yourself if you decide it’s not as important as you once thought it was.

4. Do a no-spend challenge

Challenge yourself to go as many days as you can without spending any money. Eat only what you have in your kitchen. Avoid buying anything impulsively. This challenge will teach you how to truly differentiate what you want from what you need.


5. Learn to love DIY

With the Internet right at your fingertips, you can learn how to make basically anything nowadays. Sew your own version of a dress you’ve been eyeing for a long time! Or make your friend something special for their birthday instead of buying a gift. This is both a budget-efficient and fun way of spending your time!