5 Ways to Boost a Positive Lifespan


It is undeniable in life that at times, situations and peoples may betray, neglect and fail us. There is a simple saying that states, “people who love and care for us will be the ones who hurt us the most’’. Why that happens is because these people matter most. When we care and love them most, we indirectly instill high expectations on them. When they fail us or do not act in a certain way we hope they would, we get upset.

The thing is, no one is perfect and the sooner we stop expecting them to do the “right thing” based on our own standards, the more positively driven we are in life.

Here are 5 ways to boost a positive lifespan when dealt with the above situation.

1. Stop complaining


People in general love complaining. Complains about their bosses being too demanding and difficult at work, complains about their spouses not helping out with house chores, or complains about friends not being able to meet up for a gathering.

Focusing on the problems itself may not solve the issue; it will only heighten it.

Stop complaining and start looking out for possible solutions instead to the problems we face.

2. Laughter is the best medicine


It is fine to crack a few jokes among our friends and family members, or even watch some funny videos online.

Laughter can bring much happiness and positivity in your life. Laugh it out!

3. Spend more time with love ones


Many of us live for the rat race everyday; be it at work or society.

We have to come in to terms that family and friends are equally important too.

During our free time off, take every opportunity or chance to spend time with them. Better yet, make it a priority to slot in bonding times regardless of our hectic schedules be it for grocery shopping together, have a meal together, or even pick up a sport together. Pay attention to the ones who matter most in our lives.

As for friends, try not to mix with bad hats who are always ready to bring us down. Help ourselves by having friends who will impact us positively.


4. Self-reflect


Reflecting on ourselves can mean identifying and being aware of our strengths and weaknesses that we have.

Acknowledge them well. Make full use of our strengths and don’t be discouraged by our weaknesses but instead, find ways to overcome them.

5. Be thankful


Always be content and thankful for everything that we have.

It is always good to be appreciative over the roof over our head, the food on the table, the job that pays (not necessary  has to be flying high), and most importantly, for love ones who truly love and care for us.

Show appreciation; don’t be stingy over good words, or compliments. Never ever take things or people for granted.

Don’t allow the not-so-good situations or people to let us down, let them be lessons worth learning.

Life is a journey that both you and I got to face. Why face it with a negative mindset? Having to face them positively enables us to see the good in everything; even the bad ones.

Ensuring positivity in our lives goes a long way and it starts today!