5 Ways To Discover Your Passion In Life


Life coach often throws in this advice – follow your heart and go after your passion. What happens if you have no idea what you are passionate about, to begin with? Not to fret for you are not alone. Here are 5 ways to discover your passion in life.

5 ways to discover your passion in life

How to find your passion and purpose in life.

1. Answer honestly

Rebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor, suggests that you answer the below three questions to work out what you want to do or meant to be doing for the rest of your life.

Be entirely honest while answering the three questions. Remember, you are not trying to impress anyone with your answers but merely trying to figure out your real passion in life.

Question 1: What subject could I read 500 books about without getting bored?

Question 2: What could I do for five years straight without getting paid?

Question 3: What would I spend my time doing if I had the complete financial abundance to do anything?

2. Combine your skills

The Telegraph suggests combining two or three of your mediocre skills to form a unique blend of talent that only you possess. This is because most of us don’t have a skill we are exceptional at, but surprisingly most of us have skills that we are pretty good at.

Oliver Emberton, founder of software start-up Silktide, says “Take an average business student, with some programming ability, and decent sales skills. That person is surprisingly well suited to become the boss of others who were better than them in any one of those areas.”

Emberton argues that the most successful people, the ones that are most passionate about their work, are almost never defined by a single skill. “They are a fusion of skills, often not even exceptional skills, but they’ve made their fusion exceptional” he says.

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5 ways to discover your passion in life

3. Don’t wait for the defining moment

Some people do find their passion in one defining moment, but that’s not the norm. Finding your passion requires effort, time, and commitment from your end.

Rather than waiting for the moment where it all fits together, it’s best that you take time out every day to figure out what is it that makes your heart sing.

The way to find your passion in life is through little discoveries of interests.

4. Real-life hero

Do you have a real-life hero or perhaps someone’s life you envy a lot?

If you wanted the lifestyle or look up to an individual immensely then, you might be able to emulate that person’s success.

Of course, this might not work for everyone, but successful individuals that you look up to can always be a springboard for ideas and inspiration.

As an example, you are a massive fan of a travel blogger and envy that this person gets to travel around the globe, much like Jonny Ward here from Onestep4ward.

You can’t afford to quit your job and globe trot, but you can start a local travel blog and trot along all the restaurants, less known attractions, and quaint cafes you chance upon.

5 ways to discover your passion in life

5. Your passion might not make money

Finally, don’t be mistaken that your job has to be your passion. If your passion happens to make you money, then that’s a bonus but know that not all passions can turn into lucrative jobs.

Hunter S. Thompson, gonzo journalist and novelist, said, “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

Don’t quit your day job if your passion isn’t enough to sustain you financially. Instead, keep your job to help you continue to ignite your passion. Doing something you love on the side can give you joy and fuel other areas of your life.

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