6 powerful ways to tell your brain to remove negative emotions

Everything is balanced in this world. We have the day and the night, the Sun and the Moon, and the Ying and Yang. Same goes with our lives. We will undergo positive and negative things but what makes it different is how we approach it. With the increase of mental illness, we need to know how to prevent and overcome this disorder. Here are 6 powerful ways to tell your brain to remove negative emotions and feelings.

6 powerful ways to tell your brain to remove negative emotions

Breathe and face it

We tend to play hide and seek with our emotions. The more we run, the bigger the problem will be. Our emotional state is as important as our lives. Don’t simply ignore it.

To recover is to respond to the negative vibes that have happened or is happening right now. Hence, we should take a breath and face the music.

Despite how hard it will be, it’s better to solve it before it’ll eat you alive.

Recognize the bad vibes

The eye is to see not only the physical but the invisible things that happen in our lives. One of the hidden things is bad energy.

Every time something bad happened, we must notice it and accept its presence. Don’t simply close your eyes because that would be the same as hiding it from your life.

See it as another challenge that we need to face not another burden to carry on your back.

6 powerful ways to tell your brain to remove negative emotions

Welcome it with an open arm

Everyone has their own history. Whether it’s a bad thing or a good thing, it’s still remaining in the past.

We all know that we can’t go back in time to fix what we have done. So, instead of blaming yourself for your past mistake, why don’t you accept, and learn from it.

Use that as an advantage for you to create a better version of yourself.

It’s not the end

Yes, everything will end at one point.

Everyone’s going to die one day.

Same goes with our feelings.

Your emotions and feelings may turn your life upside down, but it doesn’t mean that it’s the end of the world. Every single time you breathe, you must remember that all the mix feelings you feel will turn into a memory. It will just be a memory to remind yourself that you have passed a difficult phase in your life.

Always remember that nothing lasts forever.

6 powerful ways to tell your brain to remove negative emotions

Examine and answer

Would you throw your phone on the wall? Would you throw a glass on the floor?

Of course not! Why? Because it’s fragile. Same goes with our feelings and emotions. Nowadays, people tend to deal with negativity with a negative action.

It’s like putting out a fire with a fire. Hence, replace the fire with water instead. Understand the situation. Think rationally about  how to solve it. When your mind is clear, the output will be much better.

Create a better future

It’s good to acknowledge the past, but it’s a bad thing to hold on to it. Rather than living in the past, it’s best to teach yourself to create a brighter future. God gives us challenges for us to learn from it. Use that as one of the tools for you to shape your life and improve it.



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