6 Practice For Your Brain To Remove Negative Emotions and Feelings

Life is not perfect, but beautifully imperfect. It gives you good days and bad days so you can learn from your mistakes and grow from your own experiences. It’s good to push yourself to be a better person but know your limit. When you’re at your lowest moments, identify how to control your brain from all the negative vibes. You can try this 6 practice for your brain to remove negative emotions and feelings.


Face your fear

Whenever you’re in distress and anxious, the first thing you tend to do is to avoid it. However, when you put those feelings aside, you’re not helping yourself to recover. Instead of playing hide and seek, you must confront your fear and learn to deal with your own problems. Take baby steps to get the best solution so that the problem would not be bigger than it should be.

Acknowledge your flaws

Always remind yourself that feeling sad, embarrass, and pain is normal.  Just because it’s a negative feeling, doesn’t mean you have to be negative too. Take control of your mind and recognize those feelings. Don’t hide it away and pretend you’re okay.


Welcome it

Once you have acknowledged the negativity, you must welcome it into your life. Accept the past is in the past and you have no power to change it. You must admit for the mistakes you have done and understand the negative vibes existed inside you. Take control of your thoughts and know that the past is unchangeable.

Nothing is permanent

Negative feelings last longer and give a big impact in your life. Hence, those feelings are much stronger and would seem to be stuck with you forever. But you must note to yourself that they are not permanent. Later, it would just be another memory in your life.


Take your time and respond

Whenever  bad things happen, you tend to act negatively which will cause more bad things to happen. Instead of being negative, you have to take your time to think and respond rationally. Don’t let those feelings overpower your mind and actions.

Future exist

You know about your past, now you have to realize that the future exists too. If your past is a dark tunnel, make sure your future is the light that you find at the end of the tunnel. So, don’t be afraid of what’s coming to you. Whatever that’s going to happen, believe that it would be better than today.