6 Things Successful People Do Before Going To Bed

6 Things Successful People Do Before Going To Bed

Many people have a morning routine they absolutely swear by. They might plan to be up by 5, go to the gym, make breakfast and then read the morning news. Quite impressive when you think about it. However, not as many successfully follow a night routine, even though how you end your day is just as important as how you start it. If you don’t have a night routine just yet, here are 6 things successful people do before going to bed:


Spend time with your family and friends

Success really does begin at home. It’s important for your physical and emotional well-being that you spend quality time with your loved ones. Perhaps spend one day a week getting drinks with some friends and the rest of your week at home with family. It’s all up to you how you choose to divide your time.


After spending a long day writing important emails and responding to phone calls, it’s incredibly freeing to just unplug yourself from technology. If you leave your phone on, it’s likely you’d get distracted from time you’re supposed to spend away. Time away from technology is important and teaches you to appreciate the simpler things in life.



Most people you’d consider successful are also avid readers. Reading is the best way to learn at any age and it’s only through accumulating knowledge that you develop as a person. Some of the world’s most successful people, including Bill Gates, read at night until they feel tired and go to bed. If just the idea of reading feels like a chore, start small. Dedicate at least five minutes each night to reading a book or an article online. You’d be surprised by how just that little bit of effort will add up.


Meditation has been proven to be extremely beneficial to both your physical and mental health. It helps you recharge your body after long hours of working and straining yourself. If you don’t know how to meditate, do some research on how to go about learning. There are even mobile apps you can download that will guide you every step of the way.


Analyse the day

Right before you hit the sack, it’s a good idea to properly analyse the kind of day you’ve had. Think of what you’ve accomplished and what you could have done better. If you’d like to, maybe even write it down in a journal you can look back on. Understanding the day’s successes and failures will help you plan for better and more productive days.

Plan for tomorrow

Once you’ve analysed the current day, it’s time to start planning for the next. Think about what you’d like to get done the next day and how you’ll go about doing it. Don’t forget to think about your shortcomings for the current day and avoid repeating them the following day. It’s through doing this each night that you will overcome your weaknesses and end each day as it should.